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How do I get my hands in good condition quick?

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B1rdinthebush Thu 14-Jul-16 09:29:50

I am getting married in three weeks time and my hands are a mess from constant hand washing (pooey twin babies).

What do I do to get them looking good in a few weeks? They are very, very dry.

I've got some of those gloves to sleep in but should I maybe take a supplement as well?

Duckyneedsaclean Thu 14-Jul-16 09:30:54

Get hand food cream from soap and glory. Apply all day and night.

CMOTDibbler Thu 14-Jul-16 09:32:58

Flexitol foot cream. Apply every time you wash your hands and then overnight under cotton gloves- you can get them in the first aid section in Boots

Pootles2010 Thu 14-Jul-16 09:33:55

Body shop hemp hand stuff. Smells awful but v heavy duty good stuff.

Caught11 Thu 14-Jul-16 09:35:57

second the body shop hemp, magical stuff, I tried everything with my poorly hands, this works fast and sinks in quickly

Patterkiller Thu 14-Jul-16 09:37:06

Body shop hemp is marvelous.

pippinandtog Thu 14-Jul-16 09:37:42

And wear Marigolds for washing up and house-cleaning.

Bragadocia Thu 14-Jul-16 09:40:18

I wash my hands constantly, and as well as Aveeno, changing my soap really helped. Waitrose Essential Sensitive hand wash is amazing (not the anti bad, just the standard cylinder bottle). It's been out of stock for a few weeks at my local branch, but thankfully reappeared on Monday - even just a few days of using it again, and my hands are so much better.

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