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CurlyGirls come help me

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fuckingfendt Tue 12-Jul-16 08:58:24

I'm sure there are hundreds of threads on the Curly Girl Method already, so feel free to link to one if you can find it.

But basically, I want curly hair. My sister and mum had gorgeous ringlets very many years ago, but they straighten/blow dry it to death now so I've no idea if it's still curly. I straightened mine as soon as I was old enough so never gave it chance to show its curls, until very recently. I've had short hair for the last ten years or so, and now it's finally at a length where I can get away with not using any heat on it/can let it dry naturally. Since I started this, I've noticed my hair going into big ringlets underneath but a sort of loose wave on top.

My normal routine is once a week, wash and condition with Pantene and then comb hair when damp with Loreal oil. Leave to dry naturally. I've had a bit of a read up on the curly girl method, and it seems I'm using the wrong products completely. But all the pictures I see, are of girls with gorgeous tight curls, and I don't think my hair is like that. So what products should I be using, and does my hair have enough curl 'potential' to begin with? I was fine with the waves but I don't want half wavy and half curly!

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