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Which haircut?

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StarStudded Tue 12-Jul-16 08:08:00

I'm getting my hair cut in an hour and still don't know what I want. I generally end up with something I'm not happy with because I'm quite alternative and my hairdresser is inclined to go quite girly and safe.

Have attached picture of me and would like some suggestions of what you think might suit please? I like the idea of a full fringe but not sure what to go for.

StarStudded Tue 12-Jul-16 08:08:37

I'm 27, if that's relevant!

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Tue 12-Jul-16 08:32:28

The cut you have in the pictures is a very flattering cut for you. You have a round face like me so a long side sweeping fringe is best. A full blunt fringe will be too heavy for your face I think.
If you're not bothered about having your hair up, what about a short inverted bob? Ask for it to be short cut into the nape of your neck and graduated to a longer front.
You could also carry off a short style, keeping length on the top, falling forward over one eye but short back and sides.

Sorry I can't give you any pictures I can't get them to link! Good luck smile

pippinandtog Tue 12-Jul-16 08:34:56

Star, not much time for decisions here!
Will you have time to look through some hair magazines at the salon when you get there and show to stylist.
Or have your new cut next time round at a different salon, where you feel the stylist will listen to what you want.

Mamia15 Tue 12-Jul-16 08:37:25

I wouldn't go for an inverted bob - too mumsy.

If you want to keep the length, how about a Lauren Conrad bob?

It has a bit of texture in it and is very easy to look after - I should know as I have one at the moment.

StarStudded Tue 12-Jul-16 08:37:58

I know! I've been trying to decide for ages! I rarely go to the hairdressers because of the cost so I'd like something different rather than a trimmed version of what it is already.

I've had it short and in an inverted bob before, which I liked but I like having it long enough to tie back for work.

StarStudded Tue 12-Jul-16 08:39:13

I like that Mamia but I think I need more layers as my hair is prone to looking a bit flat... I like the bluntness at the bottom though.

Mamia15 Tue 12-Jul-16 08:48:12

I have very flat limp and fine hair too (and its normally poker straight as well). A bit of seasalt spray really does make a difference and I rough dry my hair instead of doing a blow dry. The blunt ends help add volume too.

Mamia15 Tue 12-Jul-16 08:49:45

P.S You could ask for invisible layers

StarStudded Tue 12-Jul-16 08:55:17

What are invisible layers?

Mamia15 Tue 12-Jul-16 08:59:19

These are mid length layers but very subtly done:

invisible layers

Mamia15 Wed 13-Jul-16 16:34:00

OP - what did you go for in the end? Hope you are happy with the results smile

StarStudded Sun 17-Jul-16 18:45:07

I braves it and got an undercut- kept the front fairly conservative though and I like the thicker fringe!

I had to go to a barber to get him to do the shaved bit- hairdresser wasn't brave enough grin

Fuzzypeggy Sun 17-Jul-16 19:29:50

Good for you op, glad you like it

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