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Boden- no preview or missed it? Any good codes?

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PollyPerky Mon 11-Jul-16 17:19:44

Well, not even worn the new summer stuff I bought yet but Boden has autumn clothes on web now. There seemed to be a preview of sorts a while back but no email for me from them.

I actually like a few things so are there any codes around? (And I think they seem to have lowered their prices a bit.....)

Glittershoes22 Mon 11-Jul-16 17:40:02

I got a catalogue in the post today will have a look for the code when I get home.

Just had a look online now and I'm loving the new mid-season ladies stuff but just checked the johnnie B range and its now 5-16 and the modelling is done by 10 year olds. My 30 something self used to buy the odd bits and pieces from that range (especially the shoes) but I seriously cant buy clothes modelled by 10 year olds its just weird. Just clicked on the Johnnie B heart flats in my size and they are £49.50!!!! They have obviously wised up to child clothes wearers like myself, are parents really going to spend £50 on a pair of non school shoes?

polyhymnia Mon 11-Jul-16 18:30:09

The code I got from the Money threads on MN, which gives 15% off and free P and P, is 9D9F.
Which particular women's things did you like?

Thelovecats Mon 11-Jul-16 18:45:01

Try M8B9 for 20%

PollyPerky Mon 11-Jul-16 19:06:45

Aaargh! Have ordered £300 worth with the 15% code and just missed yours Cats
Anyway- expect half will go back and then can perhaps re-order with better code!
I've ordered a 60s dress, a curvy dress , 2 cardis but as they are cotton I'm unsure, a pair of skinny jeans in indigo, and a casual top that's spotty and a bit like a sweatshirt but isn't. Liked one of the jumpers but don't like the gold buttons on cuffs- prefer silver. Love the cashmere colours but already have 2 cashmere jumpers from last year hardly worn due to mild winter. Thinking about some of the T-shirty type tops as in between tops for cooler weather.

FashionLover1 Tue 12-Jul-16 15:39:18

Just have free delivery and free returns code here

kimlo Tue 12-Jul-16 15:45:30

I ised cats code today and got 20% off and free delivery.

Thelovecats Tue 12-Jul-16 16:48:20


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