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Offer on at hair salon, full colour or foils

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murphys Mon 11-Jul-16 09:31:08

The salon I go to has quite a good offer on at the moment, its the whole package cut, blow, colour, shampoo, conditioner, treatment etc, and you can choose from full colour (one) or foils.

I did have a salon colour done there once, but I swore I wouldn't do it again, as it wrecked my hair, it washed out to a terribly brassy colour and I hated my hair for ages until it grew out properly. I use the Nice and Easy wash out one now which suits me fine as I don't always have the time, and definitely don't have the funds to keep going back for root touch ups.

So I was wondering about the foils. I would go for slighter darker foils I think, its winter here now and I don't like my hair when it goes lighter... have a red tone to my hair and I think when it goes lighter it looks a bit aging on me.

So maintenance wise, can you tell me about foils. Do you have to keep having them done, if I go once and let them grow out naturally will it look obvious that they need re-doing?

I just feel like a bit of a change, been through a bit of a tough time recently (marriage breakup) and thought maybe I would just do something for me. I have a bob hairstyle, shorter at back than sides if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any advise, really a novice in this department.

murphys Wed 13-Jul-16 08:29:01


ilovecherries Wed 13-Jul-16 08:53:57

I have foils, but find them fairly high maintenance to be honest. I go every 8 weeks, although the colourist says it should be 6, and there is significant regrow in that time. I don't have a full head done every time though - I usually have that every third visit, and what they seem to call the T Bar (basically across the top and down the sides of my face) in between. I have three different tones put in, so that it doesn't look so blocky, and the regrowth is mildly more forgiving. To be honest though, if you hated what they did yo your hair before, aid be nervous about having another go with them.

ilovecherries Wed 13-Jul-16 08:57:23

And sorry about your crap time, I certainly think trying new things can help you feel better. If I were you, Id just make a consultation appt with the colourist and talk about what's achievable, how much time/money you have for maintenance, and see what the options are. He/she can also show you lots of colour swatches so you get some ideas of heats possible.

murphys Wed 13-Jul-16 09:57:35

Thanks Ilove, I think I might just do something a little different by changing my Nice and Easy colour for a bit instead for now...wink

It does sound a bit high maintenance for me at the moment, I definitely couldn't afford to keep having it redone every 2 months or so as things are a bit tight for me at the moment.

I thought of it more as a once off thing, but I don't think I will risk getting back into the hair colour nightmare that I had for so long.

Many thanks for your advice.

QforCucumber Thu 14-Jul-16 15:11:29

I have foils but don't get the top done, they leave where my parting is and do underneath in a zig zag style, this way no roots show but you get the colour flashing through the layers - especially when the hair is curled. Means if I can't get to the salon regularly (I go every 4 months :-/ ) then regrowth doesn't show

murphys Mon 25-Jul-16 07:46:03

Thanks for the advice. I did it and so far I am loving it. I look so much better, I had that drained look all the time as it was just a dreary colour.

I had 4 foils put in and full colour. The foils are underneath like you mentioned Q, so they show through but wont need to be redone each time.

I decided that I need to make time for me more now neglected myself long enough, so I will try to keep it up by getting roots done properly, will juggle some things around, so that I can spend the extra every 6-8 weeks or so.

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