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Yellow feet.

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LiverAndChiantiYum Sun 10-Jul-16 20:17:57


The skin on the soles of my feet is yellow on the ball of the foot, ball of the toe and heel. I've tried filing, razoring, pumicing but to no avail. I even have some of that stuff you put on your feet and it turns the skin to glue. I am slapping on the moisturiser (with urea) and putting my feet in cotton socks to help them along. Footner just peeled the top layer off. Newton's chiropody sponge took the initial dryness but not the yellow. It seems that everything I do takes off the superficial layer of dead skin IYSWIM rather than the yellow HARD skin.

Has anyone got any tips so I can have summer feet? I know it's not as serious as some people have it- I have no cracks for example), but I just want pretty feet.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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