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Aarrrrgggggh, white jeans!!!!!

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RonSwansonsBestFriend Sun 10-Jul-16 17:24:16

I have tried umpteen, all too thin or very wrinklyFound some that aren't see- through but wrinkle.

Where am I going wrong, do j need less Lycra?

Tell me what to buy, pleaaaaaassse confused

Rinceoir Sun 10-Jul-16 17:31:00

I looked everywhere earlier this year. Eventually got a non see through pair in Oasis.

OrchidFlakes Sun 10-Jul-16 17:36:13

Mango are pretty good

RonSwansonsBestFriend Sun 10-Jul-16 18:31:50

But I've looked in these places and they all have lots of Lycra content.

I might give up!

BagelGoesWalking Sun 10-Jul-16 18:48:28

I don't know how to copy link on my phone but search Mumsnet for "Best white skinny jeans, and oh will I look mutton" lots of links/advice to the ultimate pair of white jeans!

darreldixonishot Sun 10-Jul-16 18:54:08

I did a n endless search for whiteheads a couple of years ago & gave up in the end!
I realised I was only going to wear them with longer tops so got some white jeggings from Next.
Love them! You get the look of white jeans without all the hassle!

darreldixonishot Sun 10-Jul-16 18:55:25

For heaven's sake! White jeans! I don't have any white heads at the moment thank goodness!

lalaland1985 Sun 10-Jul-16 18:57:41

i got 'soft ivory' ones from M&S limited collection not that long ago. Not see through at all and not as stark as pure brilliant white.

witsender Sun 10-Jul-16 21:28:02

Joules are pretty good.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Mon 11-Jul-16 02:39:20

Zara. I've got some, not too thin and no wrinkling (well a bit, but no sagging of knees!). £20 I think, part of the basics range.

RonSwansonsBestFriend Mon 11-Jul-16 18:13:04

Just tried 3 more pairs, Barbour, selected and All Saints. Didn't fit me right either.

I really do give up!!!!

TobleroneBoo Mon 11-Jul-16 18:16:32

I got mine in George and j love them grin also read that red underwear doesn't show though but that could be total bollocks

Carpaccio Mon 11-Jul-16 18:22:52

Gap are good IMO. Same quality as their usual blue jeans.

biscuitkumquat Mon 11-Jul-16 18:48:08

I got mine in Primark last year, they're bloody marvelous

Nepotism Mon 11-Jul-16 19:09:42

I got a pair from a Gap outlet last autumn for £11. Wearing them as we speak and they're perfect.

EmmaWoodlouse Mon 11-Jul-16 19:15:32

The best ones I've had were second hand but originally from Monsoon. I don't know whether they've got any this year as there isn't a Monsoon in my town, but I bet if they have, they'll be made of quite good quality denim.

WalkingZed Mon 11-Jul-16 19:44:55

MAC dream skinny!

I recommend them so much on here and it always kills the thread but they're fab

RonSwansonsBestFriend Mon 11-Jul-16 23:04:04

What's MAC? Thought it was makeup?

WalkingZed Mon 11-Jul-16 23:15:20

here you go!

Perfect jeans in my opinion!

IsItGinTimeYet Tue 12-Jul-16 01:15:36

I second Joules. Not remotely see through and currently half price in the sale.

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