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Bra help again!

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Rinceoir Sun 10-Jul-16 11:27:03

I've been on a few times about bras now! I've recently lost 3.5stone, another 1.5-2 to go. I've also been very slowly weaning my toddler. Between everything my breasts have deflated hugely and seem to change rapidly. I got fitted in bravissimo in April as a 34F but those 2 bras don't fit now at all.

I'm currently measuring just under 31 inches underbust, and 38 over. So I've tried some 30FF/G and 32F/FF- they all gape on the top- I seem to have lost all the volume from the top of my breasts. What styles/brands should I be trying? I just want two to rotate until I get to my goal weight.

CMOTDibbler Sun 10-Jul-16 11:36:41

You want a half cup style - Freya Patsy is a really nice shape

I'd agree, you need a half cup or proper balconette type.Bravissimo do some own brand ones (you're looking for a very straight across line at the top of the bra), Freya Patsy, Cleo Juna, Curvy Kate do some do (e.g. the Ritzy)

You might find that the emptiness isn't permanent, having yoyo'd a lot weight wise I tend to find that they get a bit empty with loss but then gradually fill up again after a few months.

Rinceoir Sun 10-Jul-16 12:42:10

Thanks both- I tried the patsy but just don't like the padding. StatisticallyChallenged that's giving me hope- they look really awful at the moment!

I've dug out an old Freya Lyla, in a 30F (my pre baby size-1 stone down) and the shape is fairly good although a bit small as the wire is digging into the side of my breast, but definitely better on top and back- it was worn a good bit so probably stretched though. So maybe I should look for something like this again? What size would you suggest trying?

As you are actively shrinking I'd probably try a 30FF as if you can make the 30 band work it'll last you longer.

Rinceoir Sun 10-Jul-16 16:52:22

Thanks SC, I hate badly fitting bras. Feel underdressed all the time when they aren't right. I think I'll go and try on lots tomorrow.

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