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Summer skirts

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RavioliOnToast Sun 10-Jul-16 10:42:06

Is there anywhere that has high waisted skirts in suitable for holiday? To wear with a bikini top or a crop top type of thing?

I don't want anything tight but something a bit floaty. I had some years ago but can't remember where from. Please help! I feel like I've exhausted every avenue grin I'm a 16 if that helps xx

RavioliOnToast Sun 10-Jul-16 12:05:25


weaselwords Sun 10-Jul-16 12:08:50

I saw a woman in the pleated orange skirt that New Look are doing at the moment and she looked stunning. Is that any good?

RavioliOnToast Sun 10-Jul-16 16:27:58

I tried that one on and it didn't look right on me, it was a big long if I'm honest. I think I'm after more of a jersey style

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