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Babyliss heated brush (not bighair!) is really good!

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WalkingZed Sun 10-Jul-16 10:22:12

I got it via QVC and love it

I hated the big hair brush as for some reason it made my hair really greasy!

Just wanted to recommend this brush to others who may find it good.

It's really easy to get a 'blow dried' look and create a bit of swish!

kittymewslie Sun 10-Jul-16 13:59:17

I love both! I must admit that I get better results with the Big Hair, but I usually let my hair dry naturally as I tend to wash my hair after the children have gone to bed, and the hairdryer is too noisy! The hot brush works great on clean hair the next morning - the ionic thing is magic! (I have long thick wavy hair.)

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