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100milesanhour Sat 09-Jul-16 23:29:49

Has anyone ordered these?

I would love straight teeth but I'm worried I will spend £200 on something that's crap.

I can't afford braces for the foreseeable future unfortunately and this could be my only option.

Carol1963 Thu 26-Jan-17 10:43:49

Yes I ve got them,to be honest they look fab on the photos I've seen,but mine are bloody awful,I ordered the a2 colour because I thought a more natural colour but they are yellow,my teeth are an off white and I look like a bloody horse ,so I wasted £200

FishlessCake Thu 26-Jan-17 10:49:52

What are they?

Carol1963 Thu 26-Jan-17 12:06:38

They are clip in teeth,they clip over your natural ones,i read loads of reviews and looked at pictures,they look lovely but mine are awful 🙄

HowardMoonsJazzTrumpet Thu 26-Jan-17 12:13:24

clip in teeth

Really? I think the £200 is better put towards dentistry on your own teeth, tbh. A good hygienist appt and a sonic toothbrush. Or put it in your braces savings pot.

Backt0Black Tue 31-Jan-17 19:40:49

Hi Carol - would you order again in a lighter shade or overall are they just not worth the money?

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