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Cosmetic dental treatment

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stripedjumper Sat 09-Jul-16 10:25:04

Has anyone had any cosmetic work done? Please share your experiences with me?

I recently went to a cosmetic dentist with hope of getting clear braces upper and lower.

My teeth are in a bit of a state not only gappy crooked but chipped, thinning but I have many huge black fillings.

I knew in advance it would cost £3k but they suggested I opt for crowns. They said if I had some upper and lower it would correct all my problems apart from the fillings but I would be limited in colour choice unless I had a whitening treatment.

The price went from £3k to just under £9k once I saw the before and after photos I knew I wanted it done but wanted all my teeth doing. The price went up to £13k.

My husband has been loosing teeth they are very brittle. He has never had orthodontic treatment and his front teeth are so twisted he can't close his mouth properly. His dentist recommended him to get bridges before he looses anymore that he will need implants. Priced up 4 teeth and he's looking at £2k with the cosmetic dentist. He asked about crowns and the price was massive for us both to have the work it was £30K.

A husband and wife we know have not long ago returned from abroad and both had full sets of crows they look fantastic. After lots of thinking and research we have booked it and are both having a full set of zerconian crowns.

What dental cosmetic work have you had done?

Heatherjayne1972 Sat 09-Jul-16 14:43:13

Have you considered veneers?

stripedjumper Sat 09-Jul-16 16:59:45

Yes have considered them. They are the same price and at the consultation was advised to go for crowns as to close my gap if I went for veneers I will have two huge front teeth.

VimFuego101 Sat 09-Jul-16 17:15:28

I've had crowns. I didn't take it lightly - it was expensive and obviously they take away a lot of your tooth - but I'm very happy of them. I would be wary of going abroad though - will you have to fly back there to fix any issues?

stripedjumper Sat 09-Jul-16 17:37:43

Possibly yes, but if it was minor work I may get it done here in the uk.
I've done a lot of research and the people who we had recommendations from did lots too. They visited many dentists when abroad before settling on this place as it is a cosmetic dental hospital. Found nothing negative online.

Have you had any issues? We will be very careful with the food we will be eating. Plan is nothing overly hard or anything sticky.

VimFuego101 Sat 09-Jul-16 20:43:56

No, I was surprised how quickly I got used to them - I assumed I'd be eating soup for a couple of weeks but was eating normal food the same day. I do steer clear of biting into crusty bread and apples though, my dentist said it would be fine but I'd rather not risk it smile

stripedjumper Sat 09-Jul-16 20:48:10

That's great to hear.

I've got toffees pork scratchings apples and hard boiled or sticky sweets on my list. The consultation did say sticky is more of a issue than hard food.

I do try to avoid sticky sweets after chewing on the chewy haribo sticks and pulling out a large chunk of my bottom front tooth

RayofSun Sat 09-Jul-16 20:48:42

Have you considered seeking an opinion from a qualified orthodontist. I think they would be able to give you an opinion specifically about straight being your teeth which would undoubtedly reduce the amount of cosmetic work you would need. Any crown or bridges would need to be replaced over your lifetime whereas straightening your own teeth would take less long term maintenance and be far less destructive.

SpaceKablooie Sat 09-Jul-16 20:51:04

It does sound hugely invasive to get a whole set of crowns. I'm in the middle of having a couple of crowns done privately, it's really not something I'd choose to do unless I had to. I think you should get a second opinion before you go ahead with this.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Sat 09-Jul-16 21:04:10

I think I'd see an orthodontisy as well. I have loads of crowns and bridges as a result of a combination of weak teeth and a predatory school dentist in the early seventies. I avoid all the things you said, plus ice cream and any iced/cold drinks. Plus you can end up with a painful jaw if the slightest thing is wrong with your bite.

MissSusanStoHelit Sat 09-Jul-16 21:30:05

Hi Op! DH went to Budapest a few years ago, and had 6 root canals and twelve crowns. It was very hard going for him, the first day - six hours in a dentist chair! But he would definitely do it again if necessary - his teeth are BEAUTIFUL , even his local dentist asked for the details of his treatment! He has had no pain since, no follow up needed, and we got all the dental work done plus a week away for him, me, DD and my Dad for less than 2k. I'd happily rrcommend the company we used if you are looking for recommendations! Good luck!

toothgenie Sat 09-Jul-16 21:34:45

So to be clear, are you having the treatment carried out abroad, if so which country? Did the original dentist talk about your gum condition? Are you registered with an NHS dentist in the UK and would you be returning for routine examination appointments with them on completion of your treatment?

sansucre Sat 09-Jul-16 21:43:18

Definitely go see a few other dentists to see what course of work they'd do. If you want braces, go see an orthodontist and see if they think it's feasible to move the teeth in the way you want. With regards to the fillings, you can get them replaced with white ones.

I had a brace when I was 12 and it wasn't removed until I was 15. By my mid-twenties my teeth has already returned to their former state. Additionally I'd knocked out a tooth on the left side, and broken one which had to be removed due to an abscess.

By my early thirties I started to feel very very self conscious about my teeth. I don't think my friends (or boyfriends) ever noticed how I felt or made any negative comments but I hated opening my mouth. I decided that when I had the funds I'd get them fixed and planned on getting a brace and implants to replace the missing two teeth.

I saw several orthodontists but decided I didn't want to go through all that again. I think the fact that I've never liked the shape of my teeth was clincher and they actually thought that opting for veneers would be better.

So, last Autumn I found a lovely dentist and took the plunge - 6 veneers on my front upper teeth. Sadly dental implants weren't an option in the end because I'd been toothless for over five years, and my dentist was worried that my bone wouldn't be strong enough. Instead we opted for two bridges, one of which was cantilevered and held in place by two crowns.
I had the veneer part of the treatment done first. After my teeth we filed down I had an acrylic temporary for a fortnight, and then the veneers were fitted. Because the porcelain is actually transparent, I opted for a slightly whiter cement than the acrylic temporaries. My veneers look totally natural and not fake in the least, I think because I didn't opt for bright white teeth.

The bridges went in a month later as we decided it was best to give my mouth a little break. In order to prepare the teeth for bridges, many many impressions needed to be taken, far more so than the veneers. After the teeth that we're going to take the crowns were prepared and given temporaries, I had to wait a fortnight for the lab to make the two bridges. During the fitting only one bridges fitted perfectly and my dentist wasn't happy with the second so he decided to get it remade (at no extra cost). A fortnight later it was fitted and I was finished in time for Christmas.

The total work cost me a little under £10,000 and I can honestly say it's the best money I've ever spent and wouldn't hesitate to encourage anyone to have cosmetic dental work.


Having been through the process, it's both invasive and painful/uncomfortable. I originally looked into getting the work done abroad as I know it's cheaper and the standard is just as good. I was quoted a little under £3000 but that was for what I thought I needed doing, and not what I ended up getting done.
In the end I decided against it just incase something went wrong or I needed to go see the dentist between sessions due to discomfort. In my case I definitely made the right decision to stay here as my temporaries needed a slight adjustment and one of the bridges had to be remade. If I'd have opted for the work to be done abroad I would have spent more time (and money) on flights than I'd have expected.

So, in short, do your homework throughly before committing to ant course of work. It's also important you like the dentist who will be doing the work and feel he understands what you want, and listens. For me, the fact your dentist is trying to up-sell you a lot of crowns is a red flag for me, and if I was in your position, I'd definitely see a few more people.

GOod luck OP with whatever course of action you do decide to go for. And if you do have any acrylic temporaries, be sure to stock up on Bonjela and do not eat anything spicy or brightly coloured for the entire time they're in place. If you do, you will end up with orange teeth!! (Thankfully I knew to stick to beige and white food thanks to a friend who ate a curry when she had a temporary tooth and it turned bright orange! She was stuck like that for a month until her porcelain crown was fitted!!)


SpaceKablooie Sat 09-Jul-16 22:34:15

Thanks sansucre (great username) - it's really interesting to read about your experience. I'm just waiting for my crown to be re-made because my dentist wasn't happy with the fit.

sansucre Sun 10-Jul-16 00:01:42

You're welcome SpaceKablooie
I would also like to add the getting my teeth fixed did more for my self confidence than years of therapy!

I think it's always a good sign when a dentist is happy to get something re-made when he's not happy with it. Hope all goes well with the replacement smile

Apparently crowns are far easier to fit and make, and why most dentists prefer to use those for cosmetic work rather than veneers.

MrsWhippie Fri 19-Aug-16 13:08:47

Hi, I just posted a query about cosmetic dentistry & cosmetic surgery before I found your thread. stripedjumper what did you end up doing? I really only want to have work done in the UK. And sansucre your advice is very helpful thank you. Roughly what is the charge for an assessment appointment? If I visit, say, 5 or 6 dentists, this could put me back quite a few ££££s. Wondering if I should approach somewhere like Transform?

stripedjumper Fri 19-Aug-16 13:43:01

MrsW we have decided me and H to go to turkey and get the work done.

We spoke to a husband and wife who both had almost a full mouth of zerconian crowns at the same place we are going too.

We're actually flying out in 2 weeks time. I'm having a full set of crowns and husband is having a near full set (not the wisdom teeth) and bridges.

The couple who we saw and spoke too have since been to there own dentist and the dentist said the work done is immaculate. It looks amazing.

My husbands teeth are falling to pieces 2 new chips this week.

The total of the work for both of us is under £9k and the holiday is costing £1k for a week all inclusive at a 5* resort for a week.

I'm scared but I honestly cannot wait after seeing the couples teeth it was wow let's do it.

I was the same as you I wanted it done over here but the price was £30k for the same work and we can't pay that we just couldn't. We were saving up for a nice car instead but decided to put that on hold instead.

MrsWhippie Fri 19-Aug-16 15:07:23

Ooh that's exciting stripedjumper! I hope you have a lovely holiday & come back with a tan as well as beautiful teeth. For myself, I'm 52 now & have a bad back so wouldn't really be able to stay in the chair for the time it will take to do all that work. Although I don't want it to take for ever, I'd prefer to have some recovery time in between. Just out of interest - when you got your quotes here, how much did they charge you just to look? Any tips or questions I should ask?TIA
Oh and I agree 100% to leave the car for a while. After all, the car isn't likely to feature in your photos is it? It's photos that have made me desperate to do this.

stripedjumper Fri 19-Aug-16 15:22:29

The consultation I went to over here was free. Not suprised with those prices.

The clinic we are going to does general anesthetic and I am going to ask tomorrow if I can have it done that way instead. They charge it at £100 per hour and Max time would be 4 hours.

That's a good price as H had to have a small tooth opp over here and didn't want to wait the 6 month dental hospital wait time so went private and that cost £380 and took about 15-20mins

Would that be a option for you?

It's the filing down of the teeth that takes the longest.

goldielookingchain Fri 19-Aug-16 22:02:20

This was my work, best money I've ever spent. Whitening and then 4 veneers to top

stripedjumper Sat 20-Aug-16 09:07:38

Wow Goldie what a transformation.

That is incredible.

GodImbored Sat 20-Aug-16 10:01:39

Wow just four veneers for that effect!

GodImbored Sat 20-Aug-16 10:02:42

I have two top veneers and going to get two crowns too. Hate the expense and the sitting in the chair but it is worth it in all. Good luck op.

stripedjumper Wed 07-Sep-16 07:04:21

I just wanted to come back to this thread and update incase anyone was considering this treatment.

I am now part way through my treatment.

I was booked in for general anesthetic but basically got talked out of it as when your knocked out you can't bite and they said this could affect results. They knew I was nervous so they offered me dianzipam and I said if they give me 2 pills at 10mg each I would brave it and try it.

My dentist was amazing I was told any pain raise my hand and they would give me another injection so I did, ended up with at least 10 injections and they numbed me so I could barely feel them.

I think I was in there 3 hours, it really wasn't as bad as I thought, it couldn't of been as near the end I fell asleep in the chair.

I'm due 4 root canals today as they needed to shave my original teeth down in such a way to create extra space that I need that done.

I have plastic temp teeth in at the moment and there not perfect but my god the transformation is I recognizable already.

As soon as I was finished I was offered a pain killer and had a prescription for heavy duty pain killers, a massive dose of amoxicillin and special mouth wash.

I'm not finished just yet but I know already this is the best thing I've done already.

bouquetdiva Wed 07-Sep-16 07:16:02

Well done! Please come back with photos!!

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