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This Ted Baker dress - can I wear yellow gold accessories even though zip is Rose gold?

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WalkingZed Fri 08-Jul-16 22:05:44

this dress
It's nicer in real life than it looks in the picture!

It's for a wedding!

Anyway do I need to look for Rose gold jewellery, shoes and bag etc to match the zip or am I overthinking this.

Have lots of yellow gold but I don't want to spoil a gorgeous dress?


twostepsister Fri 08-Jul-16 22:23:50

Metallic shoes and hot pink clutch and nail varnish or vice versa would look good with navy....whispers don't match bag and shoes!!!!

twostepsister Fri 08-Jul-16 22:25:30

Rose gold jewellery would look good too

StealthPolarBear Fri 08-Jul-16 22:25:49

That is a gorgeous dress. I was imagining something a bit fuddy dudddy from your description!

Notwhatiexpected Fri 08-Jul-16 22:30:22

Yes because anyone close enough to see the difference is either about to get a snog, or pushed away for being too close. They will be thinking about that.

Go for it, the dress is lovely.

StealthPolarBear Fri 08-Jul-16 22:31:25

Think I hear 'navy dress' and think of Margaret Thatcher grin

Pootlebug Fri 08-Jul-16 22:31:52

Absolutely. The zip is at the back, for starters, and your jewellery will be generally viewed from the front.

Fab dress!

burnishedsilver Fri 08-Jul-16 22:38:55

Great dress.
You're over thinking it.
Also, I think the idea of matching bags and shoes being dated is becoming dated.

taybert Sat 09-Jul-16 07:54:28

No one at any of the weddings I've been to recently got the memo about matching bags and shoes being dated. I do live in The North though.

TSSDNCOP Sat 09-Jul-16 18:02:02

I wouldn't wear any jewellery with it except earrings. It's one of the very few dresses I think just needs fab hair, killer heels and lipstick.

DavetheCat2001 Sat 09-Jul-16 18:16:20

Gorgeous dress..I love Ted Baker!

I agree with TSSDNCOP, you don't need to add much of anything to it as it's super classy on it's own.

CoolCarrie Sat 09-Jul-16 18:28:06

Lovely dress, more is less, when it comes to jewellery with a great dress like this.

BennyTheBall Sat 09-Jul-16 18:35:40

I think anything goes - but don't wear a necklace. Gorgeous dress.

SymbollocksInteractionism Sat 09-Jul-16 18:42:34

These are nice.

SymbollocksInteractionism Sat 09-Jul-16 18:45:15

Also rose gold

Tollygunge Sat 09-Jul-16 18:52:45

I love the dress. Personally, rather than buy new jewellery I'd spend the money in the hairdressers having my hair put up. I live in north London and it costs me about £30 in a non trendy salon down the road and everyone always comments. Makes you feel properly 'done up' 😀

SymbollocksInteractionism Sat 09-Jul-16 18:57:56,33&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=50&sort=-1&clr=Gold&totalstyles=41&gridsize=3&un_jtt_v_frompage=0

WalkingZed Sat 09-Jul-16 19:35:42

Thanks for the shoe suggestions! I do think I'll go for something in Rose gold!

Can anyone tell me if fascinators are mandatory or expected at weddings now?

Also would I need a jacket in the church?

WalkingZed Sat 09-Jul-16 19:38:03

something like this
Too officey?

WalkingZed Sat 09-Jul-16 19:38:40

So no statement necklace then? grin

SymbollocksInteractionism Sat 09-Jul-16 20:23:52

No need for a fascinator and definitely no statement necklace grin
Ooh this cape is nice!!

SymbollocksInteractionism Sat 09-Jul-16 20:45:38


TSSDNCOP Sun 10-Jul-16 00:46:22

I have a theory and you're welcome to say it's shit, but I could care less.

If a wedding is in August and my dress is awesome, fuck wearing some dull, meh, oh it's a bargain in Debs cover up/wrap/bolero.

It's Summer, style it out. The jacket you've linked to would kill fecking moss, whatever you do don't put it near that dress which is awesome.

lolalament Sun 10-Jul-16 00:51:54

Please don't wear that cape.

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