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6 weeks in France and Spain

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Huldra Fri 08-Jul-16 19:11:48

The back story.
In a car. Spanish Atlantic, France SW beaches and mountains in July and August. Northern France in Sept. The weather could be 30 at night or 12 during the day, who knows.
Staying with friends, family, borrowed tents, glamping, motels, hotels with pools, posh mobile homes.
Generally conservative or sporty areas. No one wafts around in a mini dress and heels, thinking about it the French, Dutch and Spanish look like they shopped at Decathlon. The younger ones Rip Curl.

Walking and could be useful if its cold and wet on a campsite.
1 x summer weight trek trousers
1 x tech tshirt
1 x walking socks
1 x hooded fleece. No one panic, its a modern sporty shape, dusky colour and I won't wear it into town.

Pool, Beach and Lake. Kayak, swim, body board.
3 x mix n match bikini / tankini.
1 x board shorts
1 x swim t shirt
1 x proper rash vest
1 x kayak boots

Hot Weather
1 x jersey beach dress, smart enough to wear out and about.
1 x t shirt beach dress. Beach or slobbing.
1 x linen mix shorts, gone for above knee length. I hate shorts as I'm pear shaped and most shorts dont fit well, uncomfortable and look shit.I am being brave ;)
2 x cropped print light weight trousers, these usually do as my shorts. They're black based with small dusky patterns, not too garish.
1 x full length of the above, could dress them up.
8 to 10 x vest tops, dusky colours, charcoal and couple black. I don't intend to bring the older ones back.
3 very fine knit cardigans in black, gey, cream.
1 x cropped cream lacey poncho thing.

1 x skinny jeans
1 ot 2 x long length t shirts
1 x plain black poncho. This came in useful even on the med at night hanging around outside.
1 x thin jumper, easy to layer and roll up in a day bag
1 x plain grey knit cardigan

Ad hoc
1 x oversized t shirt
1 x cropped harem trousers
1 x plain tapered jersey trousers or leggings.

Couple thin vests
1 x short, 1 x cropped thin, 1 x full length thin bottoms.

Multiple injuries and wide, my choice is limited grin
1 x trek trainers. Years old, perfect fit but I wouldn't wear them into town.
1 x grey smarter trainers
1 x plain espadrilles.
1 x bronze birkenstock sandals
1 x beach flip flops
1 x white / grey Go Walk flip flops. Can walk in them all day and they look smart enough for hot walking around towns and villages.

1 small smart bag
1 tough day backpack that I can take to the beach or up a hill.

1 x Fluffy socks
4 x trainer socks

Bra and pants.

How will it fit in and what have I forgotten?

CakeThat Fri 08-Jul-16 19:55:43

Not sure if you mentioned waterproofs? Went to SW France a few years back in late Aug and had some really heavy rain - I was miserable but rest of my group had fantastic lightweight pack away macs from mountain warehouse - not very stylish but kept them dry. Even though the weather was warm I got freezing when I was soaked through.

Huldra Fri 08-Jul-16 20:12:29

Ahh yes, I do have a fully waterproof pac a mac.

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