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Red hair dye runs when wet

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sparkle789 Fri 08-Jul-16 07:06:57

I did a box dye (Schwarzkopf xxl live) in red 2 weeks ago. When I did it I rinsed it until the water ran clear and I do every time I was it but it still runs when I have a shower or if I get caught in the rain.
Is that normal?
I'm going on holiday in a week and at this rate I'm not going to be able to go in the pool, if I buy a colour stripper will it get rid of it completely or just lighten it? I have medium brown hair normally.

I'm afraid it's very normal for reds. Another couple of weeks and it should calm down to the point where it only leaks when shampoo is being used. I wouldn't try colour stripping it, reds are very hard to strip and you won't be left with your original colour as your hair will have been lightened unless it's a very dark red.

You could try the swim cap hair treatment to protect it and keep it tied well up in the pool too

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