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Channeling the 90s, can you help me find this dress?

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Caravanoflove Thu 07-Jul-16 23:38:23

I had the most lovely dress from Joseph in the 90s, midi length, silky jersey material, strappy. Just like this one which is unfortunately not available in the uk.
Has anyone seen anything similar, I've spent hours looking with no luck despite this style being everywhere (apparently!)

cheeseandmarmite15 Fri 08-Jul-16 00:25:46

I've just put a size 10 in the basket so it must be available in the UK!

squoosh Fri 08-Jul-16 00:32:55

There's this one on asos. It's probably a bit cheap and nasty though!

DamsonGinIsMyThing Fri 08-Jul-16 00:34:55

No. I won't help because the fashion of my childhood/teenage years is not enough to years ago to become fashionable again.

squoosh Fri 08-Jul-16 00:35:50

Actually looking at the pictures and reading the decriptions, it looks like the Asos one is the same dress but on a curvier model.

coveredinhopeandvaseline Fri 08-Jul-16 06:47:49

Fairly certain I saw dresses just like this in Warehouse and Oasis yesterday

Eastpoint Fri 08-Jul-16 06:49:39

Ghost have some

ohidoliketobe Fri 08-Jul-16 09:49:59

The Miss Guided one's the same pic as in the OP!

squoosh Fri 08-Jul-16 10:20:43

Yes but the Asos one is also the same but cheaper.

Caravanoflove Fri 08-Jul-16 14:27:18

Thankyou I've ordered the asos one!

Caravanoflove Mon 11-Jul-16 19:54:24

The asos one didn't look good at all so still on the hunt!!

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