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Help! Wedding outfit asap!

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Gardenbirds123 Thu 07-Jul-16 22:48:32

Got a wedding next week (!)
Had an outfit but just found out that the dress code is "not your standard wedding attire. Non boring"
So my simple summer dress is out the window
What would you all wear with this dress code?
It's a youngish wedding (early 30s) trendy set. Venue is outdoors and in a barn
I'm early 30s size 10. Need something that won't show milk leaks as currently breastfeeding
Also nothing too short as have to bend down pick up kids etc!
No idea where to start!

Gardenbirds123 Thu 07-Jul-16 23:05:45


2protecttheinnocent Thu 07-Jul-16 23:09:12

Ummm what the hell do they mean by that!

Ok what about wide legged trousers and a top of some sort??

Gardenbirds123 Thu 07-Jul-16 23:16:45

I know! Exactly my dilemma!
And apparently there will be 'punishments' for anyone who looks boring

2protecttheinnocent Thu 07-Jul-16 23:19:25

Oh god I'd be sooooo tempted to not go!

Ok how did you find out about this dress code thing?

OlennasWimple Thu 07-Jul-16 23:21:18

Get a "hilarious" hat

BeenThereTooSEL Thu 07-Jul-16 23:25:52

Jumpsuit all the way! But different and funk it up with a statement necklace

BeenThereTooSEL Thu 07-Jul-16 23:26:10

Bit not but

JuliannalovesCliveBixby Thu 07-Jul-16 23:30:02

A morph suit grin

ChooseTheLifeYouLove Thu 07-Jul-16 23:31:39

I'd wear a tailored jumpsuit and heels.

thinkfast Thu 07-Jul-16 23:31:42

How about a biker or goth look?

Gardenbirds123 Fri 08-Jul-16 00:56:53

Eep! Don't know what to do! It's not fancy dress so no to the goth but so bloody hard

Hubbie got emailed the invite (Hubbie friend getting married) and I never thought to look at it till today when checking location to book babysitter! Argh!

Gardenbirds123 Fri 08-Jul-16 00:58:49

Just been awake googling stuff to buy to wear for the last hour. so confused! And now knackered too!

A1Sharon Fri 08-Jul-16 09:42:42

I'm all for your wedding do what you like, but that is so rude and sounds shite.
People who think they are so 'out there' and 'I'm a bit different' are always twats.
Don't go.
Punishment for being boring?!shock

Gardenbirds123 Fri 08-Jul-16 13:17:26


PatriciaHolm Fri 08-Jul-16 13:41:46

Wear something you like, is smart and you feel comfortable and good in.

Go tell them to take a running jump if they try to impose "punishments".

They are the kind of people who describe themselves as a "bit wacky, me!" are they?

LaCerbiatta Fri 08-Jul-16 13:45:35

Wear jeans!

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