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My Babyliss Big Hair has died

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SesameSparkle Thu 07-Jul-16 21:37:54

The brush no longer turns. sad What should I do? Do I go out and buy a new one? I've had my Babyliss for a few years now so I think the newer one has been updated e.g. with a ceramic barrel. Is the newer version improved on the original? When I used mine on holiday with high humidity, I used to get frizz and I'm wondering if a new one would avoid that. Oh and where's the cheapest place to buy - has anyone compared lately? And if I don't get another Babyliss, is there another product you'd recommend?

BarbaraWoodlouse Thu 07-Jul-16 21:42:43

I eventually replaced my BBH with...another BBH! I certainly wasn't able to find a product that came even close to the same result.

If you phone them up they will check the serial number and confirm if it's under warranty. Mine wasn't but they offered a reasonable discount (maybe 30%) on a replacement that was mailed out very quickly so well worth giving them a call.

SesameSparkle Thu 07-Jul-16 21:57:40

Well I've had mine for at least 3 years so it won't be under warranty. But interesting about the discount - thanks for the tip!

SesameSparkle Fri 08-Jul-16 07:55:50

Does anyone else have anything to add? smile

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