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Seasalt Kellifray Mac or Long Seafolly jacket?

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mopsytop Thu 07-Jul-16 11:48:11

I have just ordered the Seasalt Kellifray mac in seal (grey)

but am wondering should I get the Long Seafolly Jacket in mustard instead?

Has anyone had either of these? I mainly wear dresses that go to my knee or just below my knee with sandals or flats in summer and boots in winter. I hardly ever wear trousers. Which would be better? I am afraid I will end up looking really frumpy!

maddiesparks Thu 07-Jul-16 18:32:44

I have the Kellifray in black and it's slightly fitted so looks nice on. Also very waterproof.

Oly5 Thu 07-Jul-16 20:28:29

Much prefer the mustard one

SmileAndNod Thu 07-Jul-16 20:51:30

I've been dithering about the kellifray since half term - wish I'd tried one on really. Are they properly waterproof - my merrell is getting too tight as I've got so fatblush. How is the sizing? I also worry a bit about being frumpy, but I hate being wet more!

maddiesparks Thu 07-Jul-16 21:29:24

The Kellifray is very waterproof, probably the best investment I've made this year as its done nothing but rain, I've worn it everyday since May!! In regards to sizing I'd say is true to size, I'm a size 10 with quite a flat chest and my size 10 fits perfectly although I'd imagine if I were a bit bustier it might be a bit tight round the chest. I personally I don't think it looks at all frumpy and actually I've had lots of people ask me where it's from. It's not going to get you in vogue any time soon but certainly less frumpy than some of the baggier more shapeless styles.

maddiesparks Thu 07-Jul-16 21:31:11

Next do an almost exact copy of the Seafolly in mustard for half the price.

mopsytop Fri 08-Jul-16 09:02:10

Thanks everyone. Can't find any similar jacket on Next website maddie. Is it as good quality and properly waterproof? As far as I can tell, Seasalt coats are amazing in terms of waterproofing.

I ended up ordering both, and will see which looks nicer on! I liked the Kellifray because of it being slightly fitted Maddie. I am a size 12 but pear shaped, big hips but small waist, so if I hide my waist I end up looking bigger all over if that makes sense! I ordered a size 14 in both though as it seems that if you want to layer up in the winter, it's better to go up a size.

maddiesparks Fri 08-Jul-16 09:31:13

The next jacket is one that a friend has - almost identical to the Seafolly and she said she got it from next, maybe it was early in the season and no longer stocked. You won't regret the Kellifray, they do have a nice 'coulis' coloured one if you fancy something brighter.

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