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Shampoos without salt?

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SusanRohana Wed 06-Jul-16 13:07:27

Hi all. My daughter's just turned 17, and she's becoming more conscious than I'd like about 'clean' shampoos. Any suggestions on affordable salt-free shampoos? Thanks. S

misscph1973 Wed 06-Jul-16 13:32:33

I had no idea that shampoos contain salt! Or that it is a problem. I use Faith in Nature shampoo, no SLS, but they do contain sea salt. Green People shampoo does not use salt, but I have not tried them. I use Green People sun cream, really good, so I would be happy to use their other products.

Faith In Nature often have offers online. They are usually about £5 for a 250 ml bottle. You can also get them in Oxfam, I got a few half price last week as they are getting new lines.

I buy Green People online. Waitrose often have it. They are more expensive than Faith In Nature.

after my keratin kit I used sainbury's kids shampoo in cherry almond, its good, smells lush and is CHEAP! there are very few on the shelves without sodium chloride (salt) so if you want a posher one buy online.

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