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Is it possible that some people just can't wear eyeliner well?

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workingclasslegs Tue 05-Jul-16 23:37:59

Eyeliner tips please.

I really struggle to wear eyeliner well. It makes my eyes look smaller.

Pinterest is full of advice on how to do eyeliner and it's all darker and bolder and it frankly doesn't work for me.

I am pale so have switched to brown mascara and eyeliner but eyeliner on the bottom always looks crap.

Advice please, oh wise S&B people.

Thomasisintraining Tue 05-Jul-16 23:39:53

I really struggle with this too so I am shamelessly place marking.

Abetes Tue 05-Jul-16 23:41:49

Can't help either I'm afraid. I have really big eyes and if I wear eyeliner it looks as if they are literally going to pop out of my head....

BettyCrystal Tue 05-Jul-16 23:46:12

Same here. I just put the skinniest hint of a line with a feint black liner. I'd never do heavy liner around my eyes, underneath, or inside the lid. Even the winged thing looks crap on me. As does smokey eyes. And I've never done false lashes. Or dark brows. I think I'm deffo a lipstick person!

workingclasslegs Tue 05-Jul-16 23:46:32

Thanks for joining me anyway.

I don't have small eyes, just ordinary eyes. You know, for looking at stuff with.

I had my hair cut really short today and I was thinking I should revisit my eyeliner issue.

apatheticfallacy Tue 05-Jul-16 23:55:33

I'll start off by saying I'm no makeup guru but a keen amateur.

Start off by using concealer all over - it's the shadows that make your eyes look smaller so you need a blank canvas, do the top of the sides of your nose too. Then use a neutral matte light colour all over your eyelid up to the brow. Add a lighter colour still - maybe some subtle shimmer on the inner corner of your eye next to your nose.

A dab of darker neutral colour following the line slightly above the crease at the top of your eyelid and outer corner of the eyelid and blend it well aiming upwards and outwards.

Then line your upper lashes - the outer 3/4 only, close to the lash line. I prefer to use a very narrow brush (damp) dipped in a smidge of dark but not black eyeshadow to give a softer look. Extend the line slightly upwards and outwards imagining where the last lash should be.

Use a tiny smidge of the darker neutral shade to subtly smudge the outer third of your lower kid below the lash line and blend it well. Then use the same wet brush and darker shadow to do the lower lash line - outer 2/3rds only and join it to your 'last lash' above.

Add mascara - it always looks a bit weird before mascara.

I hope that's kind of understandable? I'd draw you a picture except I'm on my phone

puglife15 Wed 06-Jul-16 05:31:42

I never, ever do liner on my lower lid or waterlines. It makes my eyes look smaller. I also don't do mascara on my lower lashes.

Just upper lid, and I've worked out exactly what thickness and shape suits me (basically all the way along, a very skinny line near my tear duct extending to about 2.5mm the other end, no flicks, I just end with a sort of diagonal line). A fairly neat line suits me best in liquid sponge tip or pen liner or dark shadow pressed on with a liner brush. Never pencil or brush tip liquid.

puglife15 Wed 06-Jul-16 05:35:19

Oh and make sure you get mascara right into the roots of your lashes too. I do the zig zag method (where you wiggle your brush side to side as you pull it through)

Toffeelatteplease Wed 06-Jul-16 05:52:41

Run a white eyeliner on the tip/rim of the lower eye lid (inside the eyelashes). I actually use white cream eye shadow.

Curl your eyelashes

Bolshybookworm Wed 06-Jul-16 06:07:53

I can't wear eyeliner at all. I am very fair and the roots of my eyelashes are blond so no matter how hard I try, it always looks like I've put eyeliner on halfway up my eyelids (because of the pale line of my eyelash roots). It also makes my eyes look small and piggy.

In my twenties I used to wear liquid, metallic eyeliner from MAC, in light, bright colours. This suited my skin tone more, but I'm a bit old for it now. I just use eyeshadow and stick to soft colours. Looks a million times better than eyeliner on me.

IndulgeMe Wed 06-Jul-16 06:50:21

Me either, I look cheap!
I've found dark purple eyeshadow brushed into my upper lash line achieved what I want, and a paler mauve along the lower (shimmery if evening). I've got cool pale skin though, you might need different colours.

ClownsToTheLeftOfMe Wed 06-Jul-16 07:01:20

I find an angled eyeliner brush and very dark eyeshadow give a softer and better result than a pencil or liquid eyeliner.

Ethelslittlewilly Wed 06-Jul-16 07:03:09

I can't live without my eyeliner & mascara; look seriously shit without it. This one is great for beginners I would imagine as v easy to apply but tap wand first to get powdery bits off firs unless you want to look like an Alice Cooper wannabee...

Ethelslittlewilly Wed 06-Jul-16 07:03:56


Ethelslittlewilly Wed 06-Jul-16 07:04:39

not firs too early in the morning for me....

neonrainbow Wed 06-Jul-16 07:06:50

Use a colour that suits your skin tone. I don't wear black but always dark brown. I never put it on my bottom eye lids.

kiwiblue Wed 06-Jul-16 07:11:33

I use dark purple eyeshadow, brushed into lower lash line with a thin, flat brush. Gives a soft smokey look, and doesn't actually look purple - but the colour suits me more than black as I'm also fair.

Bolshy - have you tried eyelash tinting? I also have pale lashes and swear by it. It makes such a difference.

Huldra Wed 06-Jul-16 07:26:41

I've had my makeup done professionally before and they never put eyeliner, instead they put brown mascara on my lower lashes. I have narrow eyes and liner it makes them look smaller.

Those whitening eyeliners work on me, I use Benefit Eye Bright.

Statelychangers Wed 06-Jul-16 14:22:08

Can't wear eyeliner does nothing to enhance my eyes.

Cakescakescakes Wed 06-Jul-16 14:27:32

Bottom liner = no

Top lashes do what is called 'tightlining'. Works a treat to make your eyes look defined with no visible eyeliner.

Kennington Wed 06-Jul-16 15:39:41

Clowns to the left of me is right!
Angled brush, wet plus shadow
Gets right to the roots and applied damp gives perfect application

Amunamun Wed 06-Jul-16 19:27:22

If your eyes look smaller with the eyeliner, you probably wear wrong shape. check this picture, it is the same eye but it looks different every time. Pale or not, I think that it is the shape what matters smile

workingclasslegs Wed 06-Jul-16 20:12:43

thanks all.

I'll have a practice using your advice.

it's difficult to be objective about whether it has worked though, when i feel a bit silly with too much make up on.

I'm half trying to talk myself into booking a makeup lesson.

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