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would this do for a wedding and is it versatile enough for less fancy occasions?

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keeponkeepinon Mon 04-Jul-16 15:13:19

Its a bit loose at the waist so going to try a smaller size but do you think you could wear it for a wedding but also as a more casual dress?

stumblymonkey Mon 04-Jul-16 15:26:35

The blue one?

I definitely think it could be dressed up with heels, a clutch and accessories for a wedding and then dressed down with flats, sunglasses and a casual tote bag for day wear.

Looks like a lovely dress!

FashionLover1 Mon 04-Jul-16 15:48:53

Lovely dress and I agree with stumblymonkey it can be dressed up or down x

keeponkeepinon Mon 04-Jul-16 16:36:23

Yes in blue! I'm not one to turn up at someone else's wedding in white!
What would you put it with - obviously cream or silver I think - any other ideas?

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