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Looking for a blue and white stripy tube skirt (maternity wear)

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ThinkPinkStink Mon 04-Jul-16 12:23:24

Hi there.

I am 26 weeks pregnant and really fancy a blue and white horizontally striped stretchy tube skirt.

The stripes would be quite thick, something like this:

...but shorter, and maybe the stripes would be even thicker...

The ideal skirt would be over-bump and fall just below the knee (though a bit longer would be fine).

I'm usually a smallish size 16, and my bump is standard shape and size.

I think I'm spurred on by the idea that pregnancy could be my only opportunity to wear a stretchy, horizontally striped skirt without worrying how my tummy looks.

I've tried Seraphine, H&M, New Look, the supermarkets, Jojo Maman Bebe, Isabella Oliver, M&S and they don't have anything quite like it...Next have a similar skirt - but I don't particularly like it (I'd like the white and blue stripes to be evenly wide).

This could be an impossible task - but if you know of anything similar, I'd love to hear about it.

(I'm about to try Ebay).

plimsolls Mon 04-Jul-16 12:29:59

I haven't seen anything sorry. I clicked on your post as I have a non-maternity old M&S striped maxi skirt which I've been wearing under my bump throughout my pregnancy and I just thought I'd flag up that lots of non-mat skirts can be worn under the bump (I know it's not your ideal but it would at least widen the pool)

Having said that, there are tons of new non-branded maternity skirts in eBay so I bet you'll find something there.

Also try Topshop. They tend to do lots of striped maternity things.

ThinkPinkStink Mon 04-Jul-16 12:35:04

Thanks Plimsoles!

I have been wearing non maternity clothes until now (I've gone up a size or two and everything is now jersey and lycra) so I absolutely wouldn't rule out a non-mat skirt - though now my bump is edging 'size 20', it's starting to get a bit more difficult as things that fit the bump tend to feel a bit baggy elsewhere.

Topshop must've realised that there are women around the country who see pregnancy as their only opportunity to wear hear to toe hoops! I'll take a look right now!

Thanks again.

plimsolls Mon 04-Jul-16 12:47:23

I've just remembered that Debenhams and House of Fraser websites have lots of different brand maternity clothes too. Worth a look.

Good luck!

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