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JackandDiane Mon 04-Jul-16 09:09:44

I indulged at Bobbi brown yesterday and got the cheek tint in the dark brown shade - despite what I thought. It is always worth asking the assistant isnt it?

Anyway its like a roll up thing ( allegedly you can use on your lips but i have never ever found a product that this works for) but the sheen it gives is LOVELY - no need for any highlighter.

re highlighter for brow bones.. Anyone got a good non glittery one? I was toying with the mac one.. the one I use at the moment is part of this laura Mercier palette ( hate palettes normally but loved this) and - guess what? They don't sell it separately - what on earth is that about?

Last make up thing was a new shade of the BB gel eyeliner pencil in a lovely bronze colour, here scotch

JackandDiane Mon 04-Jul-16 09:10:20

this is the palette

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