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Flat comfortable shoes for work?

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plipplops Sun 03-Jul-16 07:22:23

I seem to live in 2 pairs of comfortable shoes - some trainers I bought for running ages ago and a pair of havianas and that's it? Did have some silver flip flops too but I broke them yesterday sad.

I'm about to start a new business (I work at the mo but nobody cares what I wear) and will need 'proper' shoes of some kind. Not heels (too uncomfortable and lots of driving), but closed toe. I hate pointy shoes (my feet aren't pointy?!) so nothing pointy.

Ballet pumps (or similar) seem the obvious choice but I have fairly wide feet (size 7) and they always look massive. Every single time I try a pair of shoes on (and I've tried lots) they all seem incredibly stiff and uncomfortable (I know I'm spoiled by the trainer and flip flops). Used to wear converse a lot but even those I feel I have to 'break in'?

Do shoes exist that are comfy in the shop, so you buy them knowing they're going to be ok? I can't be the only person who puts every pair on and they feel like a compromise?

nancy75 Sun 03-Jul-16 07:24:41

I have got some from Clarks that are soft leather and come up quite wide. They are called feature film. Not gong to win any style awards but they are not totally offensive!

nancy75 Sun 03-Jul-16 07:26:54

This is them and they are half price now

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