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First time - Brazilian blow dry

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SpiceLinerandHoneyLove Sun 03-Jul-16 00:24:06

Just after some opinions/tips please.
I've tried most beauty treatments but I've just booked one I haven't had before. It's the Brazilian blow dry. According to my hairdresser this isn't the one where they iron the hair flat; the keratin is added then blow dried through so the hair is straighter, but still keeps volume.
I have uncolured, brunette hair that is very thick and tends to kink and frizz in humidity. It's just past my shoulders.
I have been assured I will get a smooth, blown out look that will last eight weeks. I'm worried it will be too straight and lank and look draggy.
Has anyone had the treatment who has any tips please? After care tips especially. Thank you

OneStressBall Sun 03-Jul-16 08:28:44

I have had a keratin treatment. I have it every three months or so. It looks v silky and straight until the first wash and tends to wear off gradually. Definitely takes out the bulk of frizz without making it look flat or thin. Highly recommend it!i don't think it lasts 8 weeks though.

OneStressBall Sun 03-Jul-16 08:33:16

My tips are: don't let your hair go NEAR water for about four days after treatment (get a huge shower cap). I have sulphate free shampoo etc. Use your GHDs on your fair after treatment has been applied if there are any bits not behaving themselves. Do that for couple of days after treatment. No spraying hair with anything, obviously.

oneoldmare Sun 03-Jul-16 09:18:20

I do mine at home and it lasts about 12 weeks.
It's my 'can't live without' product.
I love it and wish I had found it years ago.
I also don't use shampoo or conditioner with salt in and never put mousse or gel or any other product on it.
You'll love it.

OneStressBall Sun 03-Jul-16 09:49:46

On old are, how do do it yourself at home?

OneStressBall Sun 03-Jul-16 09:49:52

Do you

specialsubject Sun 03-Jul-16 15:04:45

My super fuzzy hair gets wellastrate which lasts nearly a year. 8 weeks is a rip off. Loreal xtenso also did the same.

It doesn't come out lank or dead straight. Important thing is an intermediate straighten during the treatment - apply straightener, leave to work, wash, dry , straighten, neutralise, wash, dry , straighten. Also no water near it for a week after.

Queenbean Sun 03-Jul-16 15:07:09

Another wondering how you do it at home

oneoldmare Sun 03-Jul-16 15:42:46

I buy a kit off Amazon, it takes me about 3 hours but worth it as it reduces my normal morning routine by half an hour at least.

malvinandhobbes Sun 03-Jul-16 15:54:14

I had one done a year ago and hated it. My hair is curly and thick, but fine. It was lank and blah for about three months. I didn't want straight hair, I just wanted manageable hair. I didn't feel like myself. I had it done at a very reputable salon.

It also made my eyes water while they were putting the treatment on, which makes me a bit nervous.

Most people seem to love it, though. It was just not a good treatment for my hair.

MrsGuyOfGisbo Sun 03-Jul-16 16:48:43

Founds a kit i'd bought and not used in a cupboard when tidying yesterday and thinking of doing, but worried I will make a mistake and end up with a permanent weird kink...

MrsGuyOfGisbo Sun 03-Jul-16 19:09:29

How do you know if the shampoo is salt-free?

Ememem84 Sun 03-Jul-16 19:23:25

How do you do it yourself at home?

specialsubject Sun 03-Jul-16 21:26:29

yes, the chemicals are strong. Hair is dead, so what? Open a window during treatment, that's what my hairdresser does.

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