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Sheer Nail Varnish

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pinkieandperkie Sat 02-Jul-16 16:46:23

Ok so I know nothing about nail polish apart from I occasionally wear just a pinkish French polish which is sheer and you can still kind of see the nail underneath. Do you know if you can get sheer varnish in colours other than the typical French style. I wouldn't know where to start. smile

pasturesgreen Sat 02-Jul-16 18:21:51

Dior did a beautiful semi sheer coral this spring, I think it's called Cruise.

YSL had a set of sheer reds/oranges/dark pinks last year which were very pretty and I think non limited edition, so you should be able to still find them around.

Chanel is apparently coming up with a sheer red this autumn.

These are just a few that spring to mind, no budget alternatives that I can think of, though, sorry!

pinkieandperkie Sat 02-Jul-16 18:57:46

Thanks so mush, I shall investigate immediately.

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