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What brow make up/brow kit should I buy?

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PontypineNumber9 Fri 01-Jul-16 20:04:43

Do you use any brow makeup? Would you recommend it? If so please tell me about it here!

Blueberry234 Fri 01-Jul-16 20:05:33

I have the benefit kit... I have never used it ... I probably don't belong here

honeylou42 Fri 01-Jul-16 20:36:14

The sleek one is fab smile

Birdienumnums Fri 01-Jul-16 20:50:30

I haven't bought it yet but tried the bobbi brown perfectly defined eyebrow pencil thing the other day and loved it.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 01-Jul-16 21:17:24

"Elle" has a free Benefits Brow pencil at the moment . I haven't used it (I'm eyebrow challenged)

There's a card inside for a free brow wax in Benefit/Debenhams if you buy one full price you get the next one free (offer ends 31/07)

My brows don't need waxed and wouldn't recover within a month to get a freebie sad....

RudyMentary Fri 01-Jul-16 21:19:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RudyMentary Fri 01-Jul-16 21:19:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeenThereTooSEL Fri 01-Jul-16 21:20:04

Freedom brow pomade

ladedah Fri 01-Jul-16 23:58:17

the free pencil that came with Elle is good! I've also used the Clinique kit which has powder, wax and applicators in a mirrored case but it got lost inside a suitcase that went missing on a flight and haven't replaced it yet...

itsbetterthanabox Sat 02-Jul-16 00:04:42

Powder looks most natural.
Blend it softly with an angled brush using most colour at the arch and tail and less at the beginning. Then comb through with spoolie.

Kirriemuir Sat 02-Jul-16 08:51:27


Tuiles Sat 02-Jul-16 08:57:42

I like the Soap and Glory 'Archery' pencil. And also acquired a Maybelline 'Brow Satin' pencil the other day which has gone on nicely.

I have really sparse brows and despite the urge to fill in thickly I have found a delicate touch is best and less is more. If you stop applying just at the point you start wondering if it is enough, then it is enough grin

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sat 02-Jul-16 09:20:10

Another Anastasia fan here, all of her brow stuff is very good.

FitbitAddict Sat 02-Jul-16 12:14:03

I use wunderbrow but for a special occasion I have a Bobbi Brown eye shadow, I think it's called saddle, which I use instead as it makes them look amazing.

achildsjoy Sat 02-Jul-16 12:21:48

Anatasia Beverley hills dip brow or brow wiz.

bluebloom Sat 02-Jul-16 12:23:56

I like maybelline brow satin, cheap & cheerful & looks natural.

Eliza22 Sat 02-Jul-16 14:02:59

I have the Superdrug Freedom Brow Powder. It's £3

leedy Sat 02-Jul-16 16:35:02

Benefit Gimme Brow. Never saw the point of eyebrow makeup til I got it - it's very subtle but makes my brows look super-polished.

OldFarticus Sat 02-Jul-16 16:37:14

I have the Benefit one too and would recommend. Probably more suitable for brunettes as its quite "heavy" - stays put though.

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