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Another dermalogica thread- dehydrated skin

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TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 07:12:57

I've recently started using dermalogica for my dehydrated skin and I'm so happy.

To start I only ordered a few products:
Special cleansing gel
Gentle cream exfoliant
Intensive moisture balance

Any products of theirs you'd suggest? I looked at a very expensive moisturiser (which seemed too expensive for a trial)- any you'd recommend? I also saw the powder exfoliant which you add water to (wasn't sure if it would be ok for dehydrated skin). What about toner? Is it necessary? Spray on toner seemed weird to me but if it improves the results I've already seen I'll try it!

Indecisivejo Fri 01-Jul-16 07:39:00

Do you have any issues other than dehydration? My skin is dehydrated and I think the powder exfoliator is a bit harsh for me but I'm also very sensitive so u might like it. You already have the gentle cream one though so wouldn't bother wasting money buying another. The hydrating booster is very nice, I mix 2 drops in my cream only at night so it doesn't run out too quick as it's expensive!

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 07:57:06

Ok thanks- yes I would have described my skin as sensitive (wondering if it was the dehydration) so I won't try that exfoliater yet- would you use it once a month though?

I wondered how the booster worked- so you can actually tell the difference if you add it to the moisturiser???

People have commented that my skin is looking good, it def feels better but I could do with more...grin

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 07:58:07

Oh I forgot to add, I also think I get blackheads around my nose (which is why I was asking about the exfoliater)

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 01-Jul-16 08:01:58

Blackheads or sebaceous filaments?.

Nanasueathome Fri 01-Jul-16 08:04:25

Why not visit a Dermalogica counter or salon that offers their products and the consultant can then go through the products with you
Dermalogica counters are in major department stores
The staff are trained and can advise specific products to treat your skin

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 08:05:28

Mostly sebaceous but also black head if I don't keep on top of it, my nose pores seem big to me which doesn't help (if that makes sense!)

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 08:10:35

I'd rather not go to a counter as I don't want to be told to buy everything (would they?) and I'm not sure I'll be up to physically going for a while (unwell) so bought my stuff online!

Indecisivejo Fri 01-Jul-16 08:57:50

if you go on you could buy a travel size of the powder scrub and use it once a week/fortnight but mix it in with your cleanser rather than using neat on its own. The boosters can be applied to your skin neat underneath moisturiser or for ease just mixed in with it.

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 11:06:16

Mix with the cleanser? That sounds interesting. I actually googled the nearest place to me and there's a place just near me that uses dermalogica products and are trained in them (?) when I'm better I may pop in for a facial and see what she suggests or what I like.

Indecisivejo Fri 01-Jul-16 11:16:26

Yes mixed in with your cleanser it's a bit more gentle that way, just gives your cleanser a boost.
You can pop in and let them see your skin but personally I've had very bad advice from the 2 places I've been that stock dermalogica so it has put me off tbh! Also do not buy your products from them they are much more expensive! Go to that website I showed you and buy from there, when u get to the p&p bit scroll down to where it says dermalogica free postage (no matter how much or how little you spend all dermalogica gets free p&p)
I am a therapist by the way just not dermalogica trained- I do know a lot about the products though.

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 11:32:51

Oh great thanks for that free professional advice!!! That's exactly what I was worried about buying from the beauty place. If it's not too cheeky are microdermabrasions any good?

Indecisivejo Fri 01-Jul-16 11:51:10

No problem I enjoy giving advice, I'm just rubbish at giving myself advice ha ha.
I'm not familiar with microdermabrasion so don't know much about it but tbh I think just following a good skin care routine with products that suit your skin is the way forward rather than messing around and potentially damaging the skins natural barrier and making it more sensitised.

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 12:03:50

Thank you. That was my gut feeling, it seems quite harsh and I hoped that if I took care of my face it wouldn't be necessary. I've only recently started using any products thinking it wasn't necessary (but now I've changed my mind) so I'm a newbie to this stuff!

Indecisivejo Fri 01-Jul-16 12:06:46

Try not to get tempted by lots of different products, just use the things you already have and give them 2 weeks before you think about adding anything else so your skin gets used to them and isn't bombarded with lots of new ingredients all at once.

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Fri 01-Jul-16 23:51:22

Thanks for the advice, I'll look at the booster and exfoliant to mix in with the products I have then walk away....

hippiedays Sat 02-Jul-16 01:46:17

The hydrating booster is a magic liquid for my dry skin. I a bottle once or twice a year. Makes a huge difference. FWIW my skin dried out with the exfoliant (it does with most though). Now infuse a facial scrub once a week and stick to their uktracalming cleanser every other day.

hippiedays Sat 02-Jul-16 01:46:51

* I use not infuse!

TrulyTrulyTrulyOutrageous Sat 02-Jul-16 10:42:23

I'm really excited to try it, I'm loving their stuff!!!

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