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What do you think to this dress, as a casual daytime type thing?

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LardLizard Thu 30-Jun-16 16:42:23


WipsGlitter Thu 30-Jun-16 16:54:08


MissBianca Thu 30-Jun-16 17:17:42

I agree, lovely

mogloveseggs Thu 30-Jun-16 17:18:42

Really pretty

CointreauVersial Thu 30-Jun-16 19:10:55


Cakescakescakes Thu 30-Jun-16 19:17:09

I tried it on and beware it's very short. And I'm only 5'5".

Trills Thu 30-Jun-16 19:21:30

I was about to say it looks short

NicknameUsed Thu 30-Jun-16 19:23:15

I love the style. If it was longer and not orange I would want one.

SellFridges Thu 30-Jun-16 19:23:21

Oasis dresses tend to be too short for the daytime IMO. And I'm another who is only 5'5" so not tall.

I only wear them as evening wear or in winter with thick tights.

It's pretty though.

Ilovetorrentialrain Thu 30-Jun-16 19:36:23

Love it in the grey colour.

Cakescakescakes Thu 30-Jun-16 20:06:08

I noticed online recently that Oasis now do some dresses in extra length but no idea how much longer they are. Or if that one is one of the ones they do.

PortiaCastis Thu 30-Jun-16 20:09:52

That dress is lovely

CointreauVersial Thu 30-Jun-16 21:41:50

I was about to say it looked short, then thought I might be showing my age! If you're not an Old Gimmer with wrinkly knees like me, it would be lovely. smile

Sadik Thu 30-Jun-16 21:46:47

'only' 5' 5" <weeps>
I was going to say it looks lovely, but beware if you're short like me it'll look frumpy because it'll come down to your knees!

ilovecherries Thu 30-Jun-16 21:49:23

My daughter tried that on in oasis yesterday - while she is 5 foot 8, you could actually glimpse the bottom of her bum cheeks when she moved. She did otherwise look lovely in it <jealous>. Ironically though she also tried on a maxi dress at the same time, and it was trailing on the floor. I heard myself sounding like my own mother when I said 'you'll break your neck wearing that'. Sigh.

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