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Has anyone got one of the scholl foot things? Would you recommend?

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sweetheart Thu 30-Jun-16 15:53:46

I am going away soon and need to get my feet summer holiday ready. I have seen one of the scholl things on a Groupon deal but thought I'd see if any of you could review it for me first. I once brought a soap and glory foot file after the hype on this page but found it rubbish so don't want to waste money if it's no good.

Icrackedup Thu 30-Jun-16 17:25:44

I have one. It is amazing at getting rid of huge amounts of foot crust in one go. On my first use I used it on bone dry skin first to remove the thick cracked heels and the hard skin on the ball of my feet. then hoovered up as the mess of dry skin is horrendous After that I went in the bath for about half an hour so my feet got a good soaking. Once my feet were dry, I went over them again then after that, I sprayed my feet with a Lush toner (that I wasn't keen on on my face), then applied a load of Palmers Anti Aging Smoothing lotion.

It literally took about 5 minutes on each foot to get the horrid bits off. Having the bath and applying toner and cream added an hour or so. I used it every day for a week before a shower or bath then dropped it to once a week for maintenance.

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