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Fine, thinning shoulder length hair, heated rollers or big hair?...

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HooseRice Thu 30-Jun-16 12:03:30

....or something else you recommend?

My hair has thinned drastically since hitting my 40s. It was always fine but I had plenty of it before so beautiful long hair.

Since February I've been taking a sea kelp supplement, have laid off the highlights and use nioxin products in my hair. I think my hair is improving but also think it will be about a year before I can truly know.

I've been thinking of buying either a Babyliss big hair or babyliss ceramic heated rollers to help with body. Any thoughts or experiences with either of these or recommendations for something else?

DarylDixonsDarlin Thu 30-Jun-16 12:15:14

I have fine hair, tho currently a decent amount of it, and I love my Big Hair - best thing I've bought in ages. It might not be the most suitable for you if you are growing yours longer, as I am finding shoulder length is about the maximum mine seems to want to cope with, when its been a bit longer it gets tangly and pully in the Big Hair. The rollers would give you more options for longer hair I think.

I find I don't need to blow dry my hair first, because it is not thick - I can go straight into towel dried hair (not rubbed with towel, just in towel turban for 10 mins while I do my face) with the Big Hair and be done in approximately 7 minutes start to finish! In case speed is a factor, id guess hair needs to be dry before using the rollers? Which could mean two lots of attacking your hair with heat, obviously you want to avoid damage as much as possible. I have used the big hair on hair which was washed and dried naturally the night before and the effect is still good, but not quite as good as freshly washed.

Hope that's useful smile

Chocolateteabag Thu 30-Jun-16 12:51:02

I have the Big Hair - used to have lots of fine hair but after being quite ill in Jan/Feb - I had Telogen Effluvium where basically a lot of your hair stops growing all at the same time and then falls out 3 months later when the new hair starts growing. So I have v fine hair now with about 1-2cm of new hair coming in.
Loved my big hair when I had hair - but on very fine hair I have now I have to be careful not to damage it further. I used the hairdryer to dry it roughly first then the Big Hair for 30-60 secs to finish it all over.

Can you be bothered with the faff of heating up rollers everyday? I know I wouldn't and find the big hair really useful.

HooseRice Thu 30-Jun-16 14:54:11

Thanks for your replies.

I think I might try the big hair. My hair for the last few years won't go past my shoulders. I'm happy with shoulder length hair, long enough for an up do. The thickness and condition have improved since February ... maybe the BBH will add some much needed vavavoom!

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