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Help dress me for a creative industry, lovely vipers!

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everdene Thu 30-Jun-16 08:33:54

I have had excellent advice on here in the past, including getting my colours done, bra intervention and Footner grin

I appear to be on the brink of getting a promotion in the job I am currently in. It's in a creative industry and is senior manager level.

Anyone got any good recommendations for places to shop? I am a size 12 with 30GG boobs, I'm quite short too. I'm a HoC Spring (highlighted hair, blue eyes, pale skin).

I was thinking:
New glasses
New dresses
Some statement jewellery (or is that saying 'well wacky, me'?)

At the moment I wear a mix of clothes - today a wine coloured Whistles dress with a biker jacket and nude moccasins. But I have a bit of Tu at Sainsbury's, Gap, Cos, Banana Republic - all a couple of years old now.

I am 32 and I feel like some of my clothes are a bit staid for who I want to be iyfswim. In my company, people wear anything from jeans to Hobbs dresses with heels. It's mostly female, and quite scruffy on the whole.

All ideas/blog links welcome!

rosegoldie Thu 30-Jun-16 08:40:52

I'd go with something relatively plain that fits well like the below, accessorised with fine small jewellery - think multiple thin rings, and delicate necklace and studs, more subtle and chic in my opinion! You can then go a bit more wild with statement footwear!

rosegoldie Thu 30-Jun-16 08:41:49

Oh sorry just realised you meant everyday wear - thought you meant for an evening do!

I'd still say smaller jewellery and good quality plain fitted pieces

Chocolateteabag Thu 30-Jun-16 12:58:55

In another life I would dress for my cool office job in Baukjen & Me&Em (check on ebay)

Try Pinterest for style ideas? Or the Sartorialist Blog for cool street style ideas?

newlabelwriter Thu 30-Jun-16 13:10:20

COS, Andotherstories, Plumo, The Finery, Toast... all might the bill.

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