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up to £100 on a serum - 40+ but what??

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Camembertie Wed 29-Jun-16 09:51:42

I am going to treat myself having earnt some extra money recently - dehydrated skin with fine lines, but doesn't like oil rather moisture, and also some redness and definite dark spots.

So, is there a mega serum worth that much or would I be better buying to cheaper day and night serums?

Am liking the look of sunday riley good genes so far, and then could get the superdrug one sali hughes raves about for day (although I always come back to aldi one so far)

Thank you smile

twoboots1 Wed 29-Jun-16 11:09:58

if i had £100 for serums/oils: i would buy a few to rotate for different needs,

-this is doing my pregnant dry/combo skin very well at present, not the best under make up. i consider this more of a serum than an oil, also made near my home town. softens wrinkles and i think have made little patches of pigmentation fade. mixes well with moisturiser too as a quick boost

-tinier bottles, expensive, though a little goes along way and these two work well under make up, a lovely friend sent me lots of samples and these two are my favs and i think will fulfill most of your needs if I had an unlimited budget I would get a selection from odacite

good value in terms of volume, great after swimming, good under make up, slt "marine smell", i like to apply slightly too much of this before a long bath, again an oil but not greasy

i would also suggest you use an acid toner to exfoliate your skin prior to putting on your lovely new serum.

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