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Sainsburys tu clothing

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pippinandtog Wed 29-Jun-16 08:50:59

Any opinions on this range and is there anything nice there at the moment?

whiteonesugar Wed 29-Jun-16 09:05:57

I like Sainsburys stuff, pretty good quality and not too expensive. Their jeggings are good. They have some white culottes in there at the moment and some nice structured summery tops.

BananaChew Wed 29-Jun-16 09:08:10

There is a lovely coral red summer dress at the moment. Would look great with a belt and a cardigan.

BigginsforPope Wed 29-Jun-16 09:12:03

Generally I like Tu clothing. It seems to be well made and cut and washes well. However this season I haven't really seen anything that has tempted me to buy.

CrazyDuchess Wed 29-Jun-16 09:12:45

I love sainsburys tu - at least 50% of my work wardrobe consists of it. It is forgiving for the fuller figure, and a huge range from formal to casual and lots of mix and match stuff which is great for a smart casual office.

Leggings are fab and kiDs wear - I think super durable and washes well.

Cheap when on offer... I live for their sale rails.

Downside... mostly synthetic blends.

CallarMorvern Wed 29-Jun-16 09:32:14

Their jeans are the best thing ever at the moment. I'm loving their flares - stretchy, don't go baggy, so soft and crucially for me - long. I'm 5'10 but only need their regular length.

ExConstance Wed 29-Jun-16 09:50:10

It is all lovely, and I usually get my summer tops for holidays there. As I have 160 female colleagues I don't wear it to work, too much chance of someone else wearing the same. I agree the jeans are very good ( and the sizing quite generous)

pippinandtog Wed 29-Jun-16 10:30:12

I do have a pair of Sainsburys jeans which I've had for a few years and are a flattering "slouch" fit.
They are a size 12, which has always pleased me; now I hear that " the sizing is quite generous"- will try to forget that, Constance!

UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter Wed 29-Jun-16 10:34:51

Sainsbury's is the closest shop to work, so I often browse the clothing aisle. Its a fairly small Sainsbury's but has a good selection of clothing in.

I'm wearing a navy jersey maxi skirt from there today. Everything seems to wash well and the jersey doesn't bobble. Unlike some nice jersey smart tops I brought from asda that are bobbled after a couple of washes.

HyacinthBouquetNo1 Wed 29-Jun-16 11:16:34

I bought a summer dress last year and it is gorgeous and a really good fit, I am taking it away again this year. This summer though the dresses that have come out are absolutely hideous, large floral prints and awful styles, maybe it is the fashion at the moment I don't know, but I have not liked anything this year.

pandaskitchen Wed 29-Jun-16 11:30:12

Love Tu Clothing- I have some tops which I have washed and worn again and again. Good for staples, vest tops, socks, knickers, jeans & jersey tops.

They seem to have the proportions right as well. M&S clothes can be too short in the body and shrink on washing, these are great.

Runningupthathill82 Wed 29-Jun-16 11:31:44

Generally I think it's all a bit hideous. Garish prints, synthetic fabrics, endless jeggings all over the place in various colours. Bloody khaki trousers, drapey tunics and so on. Better than Tesco, but still not great.

However! As a pp said, there is an OK coral summer dress in at the moment, and also a nice blue and white striped maxi, which I almost bought yesterday but they didn't have my size.

Also, the sizing is mad. They've gone for the Fat Face/white stuff style vanity sizing (think they're aiming for that market generally?), so you have to size down on everything - both women's and men's.

V annoying when I tried to get a couple of pairs of trousers for DH and even the smallest size (a 30") hung off him. A 30" in Topman wouldn't go past his knees!

The children's clothes, though, are lovely. And, for me, I like their shorts-style knickers.

ThomasRichard Wed 29-Jun-16 11:36:57

I love TU. Their basics are good, they have some nice tips for work and I often pick up clothes there for the DC.

RiverTam Wed 29-Jun-16 11:39:30

TU is one of the very few places in recent years where I have been able to buy properly skinny jeans (not jeggings) that are made out of denim. Though that was last year. Love 'em.

I like their younger girls stuff but now DD is 6 I've stopped buying stuff there, the older girls range is definitely aimed at 12 rather than 6, all too tweenage for me.

CointreauVersial Wed 29-Jun-16 12:57:41

I love it - there's a huge Sainsburys near me, and I try to avoid doing the food shop there, because I can get lost for hours in the clothing department. blush

You have to keep an eye on the fabric content, but the prices are amazing, regularly reduced to half price in the sales. They did some lovely cotton broderie stuff this summer.

PJs, scarves and jewellery also really good. The DDs swear by their black leggings.

User543212345 Wed 29-Jun-16 13:04:18

Their luxury leggings always come out on top on the what leggings threads.

I really rate their knickers - they seem to have picked up where M&S have let me down.

The sizing is bonkers though - although I found in the past the Gok range came up closer to true size.

KenDoddsDadsDog Wed 29-Jun-16 13:17:42

Their premium skinny jeans are fantastic.

Cocolepew Wed 29-Jun-16 13:24:51

Their underware is excellent, their bras fit like a dream.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 29-Jun-16 13:25:35

Ooh I hated the knickers I bought , they were baggy and up my bum half the time.

I bought some swimwear today - half price on selected items . grin

I am put off by the synthetic content but it's the same in most shops.
They do have a Premium Cotton range, I bought a cotton top (50% off) to give it a try.

It does come up biggish.
I like the tops and the leggings. not bought jeans or jeggings.

Or Gok Wan (though I loved a cotton tie-front red/orange blouse but it wasn't in my size sad )

Goingtobeawesome Wed 29-Jun-16 13:30:52

Last weekend I bought a long blue and white striped dress. Really comfy and easy to wear except I didn't realise it had a low back so had to buy a vest to go underneath it. Dress £18 and a fiver for the vest from M&S is a bargain though.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 29-Jun-16 13:43:08

Going is it the thin striped maxi with the belt?
How long is it?
The model on the website is 5'11" and it's long on her . I'm 5'5" would I be tripping over the hem all the time?
It did look nice in the shop, nice weighty hangy feel.

LadyAntonella Wed 29-Jun-16 13:46:01

I like it! It is surprisingly durable. Yes, the synthetic fabrics are annoying but tbf most shops use them, even the overpriced more expensive ones (I'm looking at you Phase Eight).

Some of my favourite babygros for DD were from Sainsburys. They were obviously cotton, not synthetic and they were really gorgeous. I was complimented on them all the time and people were so surprised when I told them they were from Sainsbos!

areyoubeingserviced Wed 29-Jun-16 13:50:50

Agree about their jeans.
I have spent a fortune in crap designer jeans
However, my favourite jeans are from Sainsbury's. Great quality and wash well

BobbinThreadbare123 Wed 29-Jun-16 13:53:35

A lot of my work clothes are Sainsbogs! They're smart, wash nicely and I wouldn't cry if they got damaged (too much). They have got some hideous prints at the mo but I've got some very nice linen items that have lasted years. Mostly skirts and a couple of comfy dresses. Husband had started to get a lot of t shirts from there.

Goingtobeawesome Wed 29-Jun-16 14:01:15

70 - no belt and thin straps. I'm 5.5 and it is fine for me.

this one.

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