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Help - Large pores and red toned skin, any skincare products out there to help me?

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Chicinwellies Tue 28-Jun-16 23:17:53

I'd Love not to feel I had to wear my cc cream every day, but I've got weird skin. It's oily, combination, and my pores are really visible, plus my skin tone is pinky red. I have a healthy diet and drink loads of water. Any ideas?x

brightnearly Wed 29-Jun-16 01:13:43

This isn't rosacea, is it?

If it was, skincare brands like Avene and La Roche-Posay do ranges catering for that.

GrinAndTonic Wed 29-Jun-16 01:47:19

Could also be PIH. I encourage you to join us on the Asian Beauty thread because redness is what we do best :-)
I have red skin (red hair too) and I found that using a tea tree serum, azaleic acid and an AHA plus sunscreen all day every day has worked well for me.

Chicinwellies Wed 29-Jun-16 05:45:35

G&T ooh thanks will take a look now.

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