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adult acne

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iammamam Tue 28-Jun-16 22:24:44

I hate it, nothing seems to make any difference to it. sad
Has anyone found anything good?

Pinkerbeller Tue 28-Jun-16 22:56:43

I suffered for over 35 years with it trying every OTC treatment as well as Dianette and oral antibiotics from my rather unsympathetic GP. Six months ago I was desperate to change my job but couldn't bear interviewing with such bad skin so went to my, by then new GP, again. She prescribed antibiotics and Zyneryt topical lotion and I've never known my skin to be so clear and normal! Also...

Reader, I got the new job smile

AnnabellesRitaRoseMummy Wed 29-Jun-16 00:49:55

I got terrible 'bacne' after having my daughter, and it never went away. On recommendation from a friend I started taking Juiceplus berry capsules, I wasnt holding out much hope to be honest, but after only 3 weeks I can see a huge difference. I am amazed to be honest, and blooming greatful as I wont have to hide under a cardigan all summer again. x

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