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bigbutsrus1 Mon 27-Jun-16 22:24:37

My friends rave about having a regular facial. To save money what do I need to do the same at home. I do fancy buying something nice that will work! Have used decleor in the past and Dermalogica. But never know what I need, without the hard sell at a shop. Can anyone share their tips? Obviously not for every day use but something for a treat weekly or less. Feeling old and wrinkly at the grand age of......37 winkconfusedgrin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 27-Jun-16 22:45:03

Oooh I do this sometimes (not every week, but maybe a couple of times a month)

The day before, I tidy my eyebrows ( only a bit, I have hardly any) and wax my top lip.

On the day: double cleanse. I use Bodyshop Camomile and a hot wrung out muslin

Indeed Labs exfoliant powder (very fine rice grain IIRC)

One of those sheet masks (Mask-er-ade from M&S £5 each but often on 3 for 2)

Cool splash of water to remove excess
Face oil (I've got some Body Shop oil of life samples) massaged well

Overnight mask moisturiser (Bodyshop in the green jar , the bouncy one grin )

Wake up lovely , smug in the knowledge that I've saved ££

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