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My Nancy Mac dress arrived!

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itstheyearzero Mon 27-Jun-16 18:05:43

Some of you may remember me posting about this dress that I ordered last week

Well, it arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful! I ordered a 12 and a 14, and the 12 fits perfectly. It's really well made, and the lining even holds me in in all the right places. Very pleased with it indeed! and bag suggestions please smile

I was thinking of picking out the blue, but I'm not sure if that might be a bit twee? Plus I think if I went for cream there's half a chance I might wear them again one day. I can't do massive heels, but I definitely need some sort of heel...any ideas very welcome!

itstheyearzero Mon 27-Jun-16 19:00:30

Actually no it's white not cream...not sure about white shoes confused

Backingvocals Mon 27-Jun-16 19:09:02

I'd go for blue/teal shoes. Would look fab!

poppym12 Mon 27-Jun-16 19:40:12

no idea on shoes but i still love this dress grin

Pinkcadillac Mon 27-Jun-16 20:23:30

How about something like this?

RudyMentary Mon 27-Jun-16 20:27:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whyhellodaffodil Mon 27-Jun-16 20:32:07

It's lovely - I think either teals blue or there are some pink blush/nude leaves in there, you could pick up on with some pinky toned nude courts if you wanted to get some shoes you'd definitely wear again?

itstheyearzero Mon 27-Jun-16 20:42:44

Yes I'm keeping the belt I think. Those Zara shoes are nice, but being 46 I fear they would not look funky one me, just frumpy. The darker bits are a kind of taupe/light brown colour. I'm thinking maybe something with a strap, kind of Mary Janey?

Whyhellodaffodil Mon 27-Jun-16 20:43:56

Tan shoes might work? Will have a google,and for taupe ones brb!

RudyMentary Mon 27-Jun-16 20:45:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whyhellodaffodil Mon 27-Jun-16 20:45:52

Something like this?

Whyhellodaffodil Mon 27-Jun-16 20:46:10

Sorry rubbish at quick links!

itstheyearzero Mon 27-Jun-16 20:46:18

Oooh...again perhaps too frumpy on me but great colour

Whyhellodaffodil Mon 27-Jun-16 20:47:22

Hmm not sure but maybe,paur:ClkAsKraXxOGKle2JuXbonWBQb0ljGVmwEtXKlV3ggXwA02veyR57crrMCb27blIMD1GxRsaIGhWII2KnR3L7THEdO--htsMsD3ai37-54GjWWteSOILAVYIaRIZAFPVH71TnZhrjAKE_qHWCZdE6KVE5Jbwvw,cdl:1,cid:4183153295625266317&ved=0ahUKEwjm0ea4_MjNAhUqDMAKHRuPCigQgTYI-gMwBQ&ei=moJxV-acHaqYgAabnqrAAg

Whyhellodaffodil Mon 27-Jun-16 20:47:34

Argh sorry!

itstheyearzero Mon 27-Jun-16 20:56:41

The Clark's ones?They are great but Im trying to keep costs down because I'll probably only wear them when I wear that dress. Mind you, if I find the perfect pair...hmmm

melodycool Mon 27-Jun-16 21:01:02

A bit random but I actually think fuschia hot pink shoes would look good!

itstheyearzero Mon 27-Jun-16 21:12:27

Oh no don't confuse me melody!

CactusTeeth Mon 27-Jun-16 21:51:38

what about something like this?

itstheyearzero Mon 27-Jun-16 22:11:28

I love the third ones, thanks Cactus. Not sure if they are a bit clumpy though? It's quite a delicate dress. We've got a Clark's outlet nearby, I might go on Saturday and see if there are any in stock there and try them on.

SoleBizzz Mon 27-Jun-16 22:14:02

Gorgeous dress

Pantsalive Tue 28-Jun-16 11:01:26

Not sure what size you are. My guess is that these will be too big. I have them and they'd be great with your dress. Not sure if you could track down another pair anywhere.

Pantsalive Tue 28-Jun-16 11:17:54

Or I wonder if this sort of thing might work:

itstheyearzero Tue 28-Jun-16 13:00:38

Oh those Clarks would be perfect. I'm a size 5 though sob. Will hunt around for some in my size!

Pantsalive Tue 28-Jun-16 14:06:29

I'll lend you mine smile
I think there may have been a pair of lightly used size 5s on ebay. There were from a few years ago unfortunately. I just knew they would be good.

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