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Seventies Party - what would you wear?

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MargeryFenworthy Mon 27-Jun-16 15:58:13

I'm throwing a seventies themed party to mark a significant birthday in a few weeks and am a bit lost as to what I can wear. I've recently finished breast cancer treatment so am a bit chubbier than I was sad but I'm still me! Can't do long dresses but am up for anything else. Any suggestions appreciated x

ElspethFlashman Mon 27-Jun-16 16:07:32

A fringed long waistcoat. ASOS have loads.

Theh you can just wear flared jeans and lots of necklaces etc. Job done.

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 27-Jun-16 20:34:05

Flares. Smocks. Cheesecloth shirts with big collars. Browns, oranges, paisley prints. Bomber jackets. Platform heels, really clumpy-looking ones. And Simon shirts, we all wore those!

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 27-Jun-16 20:51:20

These three skirts from Sainsbury's are spot on!

LunaLoveg00d Mon 27-Jun-16 23:13:14

Get yourself down to your local charity shop.

We have a constant supply of vintage stuff coming in, just today I priced up loads of psychedelic floaty scarves - mix those with flared jeans, boho style top and LOADS of beads and you'll look amazing!

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