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I want to dye dd's hair purple...

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Claraoswald36 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:37:44

But with something semi perm which will fade. I promised her last year I would do it and failed. I want to do it at the start of the holidays.
She has dark blonde untreated hair which is halfway down her back. She's nearly 7 - can anyone recommend something suitable to use?

itsbetterthanabox Sun 26-Jun-16 21:50:34

Don't use dye on a child that young.
Use a coloured hair spray for a day of purple hair that washes right out.

Floggingmolly Sun 26-Jun-16 21:58:40

You promised a 5 year old she could dye her hair purple. Is this a joke?

IWannaHoldYourHand Sun 26-Jun-16 22:01:11

Hair chalk? Can you still get hair mascara lIe the early 00's?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sun 26-Jun-16 22:04:38

Even purple hair chalk can irreversably dye hair. It will fade but still be present.

Red based dyes are the hardest to shift.

sequinsandwich Sun 26-Jun-16 22:07:06

I wouldn't dye it either. What about clip in coloured hair pieces?

MachiKoro Sun 26-Jun-16 22:12:05

Why would you dye the hair of a child of that age?
Won't it be permanently damaged?

BastardGoDarkly Sun 26-Jun-16 22:16:09

What about a dip dye on the bottom? Directions do some brilliant semi permanent, really bright colours, then if you can still see it at start of term, just trim bottom inch of so off?

Claraoswald36 Sun 26-Jun-16 22:42:13

Yes, I did promise to dye a 5 year olds hair. She asked me and I replied I would research if there was an appropriate method/product - hence the post.
I was assuming there are veg dyes that arnt too toxic. I have seen the manic panic brand I had vaguely earmarked that for further investigation.
We have had hair chalk a few years it doesn't last an hour let alone permanent staining sad
But yes dipping the ends is a fab idea she would love that grin

MyDobbygotgivenasock Sun 26-Jun-16 22:43:33

You'll struggle tbh in only 6 weeks. I have permanently multicoloured hair and do bleach now but initially when using darker colours put them straight on my blonde hair. Without wittering about other details that will probably be pertinent, you'll probably find purple will leave a permanent stain on her hair, the vibrant colour will wash out and on bleached hair will leave a pastel lavender fading to a silver (which is what I have right now) but with a dark blonde will look quite muddy.
I use directions because of their great pigment and longevity, I have been growing out my hair so haven't dyed it for 10 months and I still have purple, red and teal (from blue). I wash my hair every other day.
Also I suggest you test a strand (separate to a patch test) as if she is dark blonde you'll have to choose your tone carefully or you won't get a nice colour. It also won't be bright.
Personally I'd either dip dye and chop it off at the start of term or put in streaks that will be covered when her hair is put up. You can go onto beeunique and look at their gallery, they have pictures of lifted and natural dye jobs so you can get an idea what it might look like depending on what brand and colour you choose.

Chinks123 Sun 26-Jun-16 22:45:57

There are things like manic panic you suggested that stain the hair rather than permanently dye it but still take months to fade out. I know someone who has used this on their toddler since they were teeny tiny and it apparently has 0 harsh chemicals etc. It has to be said the little girl looks sweet but I wouldn't dare use it on DD just for the fact I know my mother alone would just die blush

MyDobbygotgivenasock Sun 26-Jun-16 22:50:29

Cross posted with you op. I really recommend a furtle about on the forum attached to that site, we're all hair all the time and you'll get a lot of information that will be useful.
If she wants a bright purple then there is no option but to bleach the hair to be light enough, that of course is not suitable but extensions are easily dyed and might be a better option, my worry is the colour you get vs the colour she wants will be very disappointing and the time to realise that is not after you've done a whole head colour.

Fabellini Sun 26-Jun-16 22:51:26

Dsd was a bit older, but a couple of years ago I dip dyed her long blonde hair at the start of the summer holidays. I used a Crazy Color dye called Lavender and did it on the bottom couple of inches of her hair. She was delighted, and it did look really good. She had her back to school hair cut a few days before the start of term and that was it all gone. Everybody happy!

VimFuego101 Sun 26-Jun-16 23:00:44

Would henna work? It's more red than purple though.

I have to say dip dying would be my preference if I had to do this on a young child, at least it would keep the dye away from her scalp. To me it seems too young though.

CodewordRochambeau Sun 26-Jun-16 23:05:01

I would do a dip dye, but only if you're prepared to cut the ends off at the end of the summer.

minatiae Sun 26-Jun-16 23:55:29

order some grape kool aid from the US and use that. It's not damaging and fades by itself

Claraoswald36 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:52:40

Thanks for all the advice - if any poster had written 'it's too toxic/risky' then I wouldn't do it full
I won't be bleaching anything don't worry. I see what pp are saying about it not looking that amazing on dark blonde. I will get dd to look at the forum with me to get some ideas.
I have also thought about dying a small strip at the base of her scalp so the colour peeks through but could be hidden

Tanaqui Mon 27-Jun-16 16:41:19

Second advice to do kool aid dye

HairySubject Mon 27-Jun-16 16:56:20

I use directions dyes and they are hard to get rid of, they are a similar product to manic panic. I think on Blonde hair it would definitely still be present at the end of summer.

I think if you are going to do it then dying the ends and only as much as you are prepared to cut off would be a good plan.

Branleuse Mon 27-Jun-16 17:05:45

i did my 8 year olds with purple directions in a streak, but it barely showed. It was crap

MrsPnut Mon 27-Jun-16 17:10:06

I've just ordered Fudge paintbox in turquoise for my DD who is 10 next month dye her hair over the summer holidays.

She wants a blue streak in her blond hair and I consulted our hairdresser before ordering. She has warned that the colour, although semi permanent may grab the hair and still be very noticeable in September but that it is less likely where hair hasn't been bleached beforehand. She also warned that it might fade quickly but in that case we can redo it.

HeadfirstForHalos Mon 27-Jun-16 17:17:13

Don't use blue dye on blonde. I made that mistake with dd1 when I dip dyed her hair and as it washed out it left a green stain! Dd2 had a violet purple and it washed out fine, had to keep topping it up through the holidays. I used directions.

MyDobbygotgivenasock Mon 27-Jun-16 17:29:16

Blue over an untoned blonde will be green.
Purple over unbleached darker hair will be a tint. Stains have absolutely no lifting power at all so imagine painting your chosen colour over the hair Base colour and that's similar to what you'll get. Use the colour wheel to choose the best tone to avoid muddy colour and accept that if you don't have naturally light blonde hair you're tinting and will not get a bright colour.
They're vegetable dyes, not magic.

Lululooselips Mon 27-Jun-16 18:40:37

Pastel manic panic colours will fade in a few washes. You can also dilute the dye with conditioner so it only gives a tint.
Bleach London dyes fade pretty quickly too so also another option.

Fudge paintbox are vegetable based dyes but in my experience the colours are more intense than bleach / manic panic.

Will be down to individual as everyone's hair takes them differently but I used electric blue, pink and violet on bleached hair 3 weeks ago, only the blue is left and it's faded to pastel turquoise now. Purple seems to disappear after 4-5 shampoos

Claraoswald36 Mon 27-Jun-16 22:06:53

Thanks again I think I might orde the fudge dye then.

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