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Teenage girls misusing highlighter/high beam powder

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JackandDiane Sun 26-Jun-16 15:03:15

and all looking like wonky glittery adam Ants

Anyone noticed this?

BettyDraper1 Sun 26-Jun-16 15:09:01

Haven't noticed this but probably will now you've mentioned it. My Dsd went through a phase of wearing orange foundation and concealer instead of lipstick. She wouldn't be told but is now mortified by that whole period. When i was a teen I wore red eyeshadow for a bit #myxamatosis

All part of the fun of growing up

JackandDiane Sun 26-Jun-16 15:10:40

it is quite sweet - some have just PLONKED it on their cheek bones in a blob

prettywhiteguitar Sun 26-Jun-16 15:39:19

Aww they're just experimenting !! I was a powdery creature for a few years

I've seen a few with a brown stripe down each cheek where they'd tried to contour but haven't actually blended it in/done it properly

icclemunchy Sun 26-Jun-16 19:03:18

I used to wear blue mascara and glittery lipgloss grin so not sure I get to comment

0dfod Sun 26-Jun-16 19:07:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 26-Jun-16 19:10:00

I used to wear red MASCARA shock

blueskyinmarch Sun 26-Jun-16 19:20:26

Electric blue mascara and eyeliner teamed with iridescent pink eyeshadow. God I loved being young in the 80's. grin

VodkaValiumLattePlease Sun 26-Jun-16 19:22:01

I set my foundation with hourglass ambient powder 😂😂 I love being a disco ball

BennyTheBall Sun 26-Jun-16 20:44:49

I have a 40+ year old colleague who wears High Beam in a big blob on her cheek bones.

She is too old for there to be hope.

PolaroidsFromTheBeyond Sun 26-Jun-16 20:50:11

If you can't make poor makeup choices when you're a teenager, when can you?

I certainly had my fair share of make up disasters. The fuchsia lipstick and purple eyeshadow combo springs to mind!

shins Sun 26-Jun-16 20:53:53

Aw bless. I used to wear so much Siouxsie Sioux style eye make up in the late 80s that a friend helpfully commented I looked like I was wearing glasses.

I spent most of the 90s in BROWN lipstick, what was that about? confused

WeekendAway Sun 26-Jun-16 20:56:35

I don't know what this high beam stuff is, but I was served in a pub the other day by a young woman who had made a total hash of contouring with some sort of peachy gold coloured shimmery stuff.

She looked like she'd been sprayed gold through a vertical blind. It was most peculiar. I found it really hard to look her in the eye instead of staring at the stripes down the sides of her nose and across her forehead.

JackandDiane Sun 26-Jun-16 22:01:35

can be sparkly but is a highlighter
some kids have it too gold

CaoNiMao Mon 27-Jun-16 08:24:33

Nothing could look worse than my teenage lipstick - black EYELINER used as a lipliner, with a vile bronze lipstick over the top.

* shudder *

OliveBranchCollins Mon 27-Jun-16 08:39:09

I can beat that black eyeliner used as lipstick. I went through a heavy metal phase and made Marilyn Manson look understated
I was trying to blot out the memory of my Brosette phase

FrustratedFrugal Mon 27-Jun-16 12:03:55

I grew up in the 1980s when blusher stripes were normative. It's back, only we now call it contouring,

Oh and red eye shadow is also experiencing a comeback!

Still, red mascara wins the cake wink

DonkeyOaty Mon 27-Jun-16 12:18:17

God YES blusher stripes. Wtf were we thinking!

Brown lip liner then nudey lipstick. Like that one from Neighbours.

TheSpottedZebra Mon 27-Jun-16 13:05:46

I did the brown eye liner on lips, then blended, blended, blended the line into the rimmel hide the blemish that I'd slathered on my lips. And, for some reason we used to like to do this without a mirror. And line our eyes too. Just topping up the brown lines throughout the day.

rightknockered Mon 27-Jun-16 13:18:38

I used to slap on foundation. It wasn't on, unless I could see it Black eyeliner thickly smudged on my eyelids out towards my temples, oh yes. So much mascara my eyelashes almost stuck together.
Finished off with black lipstick
This was 80's
Hair back combed
I was very in awe of Siouxsie Sioux

crayfish Mon 27-Jun-16 13:24:57

Aw I quite like seeing it, it reminds me of some of my own mistakes over the year. There was lots of 90s brown lipstick here too and for a while, when I was a 'bit gothy' as my dad said, I used actual talcum powder to set my foundation.

You do see some shocking 'contouring' though, on women of all ages. I think it's a really emperors new clothes thing to be honest, a brown stripe on your face isn't going to make a doughy face look chiselled all of a sudden. Most of the time it just looks a mess.

specialsubject Mon 27-Jun-16 13:36:15

Exactly. Contouring is no more effective than the idea that a flowery scarf means that too many biscuits won't be.noticed.

But at least a flowery scarf doesn't make you look like a badger going to an eighties disco.

WeekendAway Mon 27-Jun-16 17:41:59

I think contouring only works for stage and photographic work. You aren't supposed to be able to actually see it, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the girl on the till in Asda.

ThomasRichard Mon 27-Jun-16 17:53:36

I remember begging my mum to buy me blue eyeshadow from the Avon catalogue (she did) and wearing it with white eyeliner on my lower eyelid and glittery cream lipstick.

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