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I seem to react to any liquid foundation or BB cream

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Aquamarine70 Sun 26-Jun-16 13:14:49

I can't use primers either so I have worked out it is the silicone & any alcohol that I react too. I have a few open pores between my eyebrow & the next day I get a blind boil there or a few spots with heads across my forehead.
I have had to go back to using pressed mineral powder Clinique or Jane Iredale.
Is there any liquid foundation that doesn't contain silicones? I did try a Bare minerals one but it streaked after a few hours.

Scarydinosaurs Sun 26-Jun-16 13:16:42

Dusty Girls tinted moisturiser!

Aquamarine70 Mon 27-Jun-16 14:16:07

Thank you that sounds just what I need. I am in Australia & have found they sell it in a health shop in our shopping centre. I'll have a look as I think I will be the light shade.

Scarydinosaurs Mon 27-Jun-16 14:26:07

It's so lovely- I was sent a sample and it is the best foundation I have ever used. I use a drop of their face oil in it and find that helps ever more with preventing break outs etc.

I really hope you like it!

Aquamarine70 Tue 28-Jun-16 15:04:44

Thanks I shall let you know how I go.

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