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Hair dye help!

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MyFancyPants Sun 26-Jun-16 07:49:20

I currently have dyed dark brown/mahogany hair and would like to dye it light brown/caramel brown.
How is the best way to achieve this? Should I use a hair colour stripper first and then try using a light brown all over colour? Or should I use a bleach lightner and then putting a light brown over?
Am I right in thinking that I can't just put a light brown over the colour I have at the moment? I don't think it would take!

Mrsraypurchase Sun 26-Jun-16 08:11:23

Get it done professionally. It's really worth it if you are stripping colour.

Dafadddu Sun 26-Jun-16 14:11:31

Definitely have it stripped.

Have you thought of a training collage? L3 studentbwill be looking for customers for colour correction. Much cheaper.

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