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Blue sky gel nails not setting?

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Bails2014 Sat 25-Jun-16 21:30:20

Help! On the advise of the forum I ordered a uv nail lamp and blue sky nail varnish as I have lots of events to go to and no time to go to an expert.

The bloody stuff isn't setting! Why??? I've Googled and I can't find any help, what have I done wrong.

lisaneedsarest Sat 25-Jun-16 21:35:56

Are you using the base coat and top coat? Leaving your hands under for 2 mins?
First time I did it I didn't finish it off with an alcohol wipe and they stayed tacky for ages. The alcohol wipe or nail varnish remover (not acetone) will remove that tackiness and is what makes them shine.

janknitti Sun 26-Jun-16 08:17:48

I use Bluesky at home too. Is it a dark colour ? Those can need more curing so I sometimes alternate 60 sec cure with 90 secs. Also keep the layers of polish thin

MangoMoon Sun 26-Jun-16 08:28:05

YY to don't forget the wipe off at the end!

justaweeone Sun 26-Jun-16 09:34:36

Thin bottom coat
2 thin coats of colour
Thin top coat
Cure for 2 mins each time
Finish using a piece of kitchen roll soaked in rubbing alcohol

legotits Sun 26-Jun-16 09:36:20

They stay tacky between coats and the top coat is tacky until the final wipe.

Bails2014 Sun 26-Jun-16 15:21:16

I wiped with gin and that seemed to help!

Except now I think the colour is too pale (it's basically clear) so now I want them darker, can I add another layer of colour ontop of the topcoat and then topcoat again? Rather than having to remove it all and start again?

justaweeone Sun 26-Jun-16 16:05:13

I think you would need to buff off the shiny top coat as the gel won't stick to a shiny surface
Wipe with gin(what a waste!)to remove dust and any oils
Then add your colour and top coat again
You've nothing to lose

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