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MozzchopsThirty Sat 25-Jun-16 16:20:13

Were you happy with the results?

I had some 10 days ago but can't see a massive change
The consultant I see is well respected and has done my Botox for years
She's not into ott things and prefers subtle changes

So just wondered how you found yours?

ginorwine Sat 25-Jun-16 16:30:41

I had fillers
You cd tell straight away but in a subtle way
Not like Botox where you get results over time
I Wd just check it out with them and discuss your expectations and what you feel you Wd like

MozzchopsThirty Sat 25-Jun-16 16:42:32

I have a follow up appointment next week so I'll speak to her then
I just feel for 2 syringes (£600) I would like to see more improvement

EstellaHavisham Sat 25-Jun-16 20:26:00

What did you have done Mozzchops

I had nose to mouth lines about 3 weeks ago and Voluma cheeks done 2 weeks ago and a top up on Weds. I can see the difference in my nose to mouth lines (because they stop at my mouth and now I can see my marionette lines!!) and my Voluma cheeks would be great but for the black eye I have and a fluidy eye bag I seem to have now. sad

On the plus side I also had botox last weds and thats kicking in nicely.
I don't normally have all this stuff done, I just noticed I was looking a bit shabby and wanted to do something about it.

MozzchopsThirty Sun 26-Jun-16 08:16:28

I wanted my nose to mouth lines improved and she did this by injecting my cheeks
It does look good but I think I was expecting more

WhisperingLoudly Sun 26-Jun-16 11:03:44

First time I had mine done I had exactly your reaction: I expected more. When I went for last Botox session she put an extra syringe in and now I'm happier. I definitely look fresher.

EstellaHavisham Sun 26-Jun-16 18:48:59

Mozzchops Did you have Voluma?

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