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Did someone on here recommend putting powder on before foundation or have I dreamt this??

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Indecisivejo Sat 25-Jun-16 10:00:44

That's it grin

IoraRua Sat 25-Jun-16 10:02:15

I do that. Moisturiser, allow it to sink in for a few mins, then powder. It holds my makeup really well.

Indecisivejo Sat 25-Jun-16 11:39:49

Cool I tried it this morn and was quite surprised, my skin is very dehydrated and usually powder looks terrible even on my t-zone but putting it on after moisturiser and before foundation seems to be far lol

IoraRua Sat 25-Jun-16 21:25:55

Yeah it's a handy little trick! Rolling the powder into your skin (Wayne Goss has vids on this) really helps to lock it in too.

Indecisivejo Sun 26-Jun-16 10:20:16

I've just seen online it's meant to be loose powder but I've been using pressed!!! Not keen on loose powder! Does anyone else use pressed?

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