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curly hair - sulphate free

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HappyHeart87 Sat 25-Jun-16 09:38:10

I want to make the switch to a less chemically- loaded hair routine. I'm white with very curly, frizz prone long hair. Think mid-90s Andi McDowell.

Can anybody:

a) recommend a good shampoo / conditioner brand

b) suggest what product(s) to use to reduce frizz and define curls? I don't want to put in the effort to use posh shampoo and then load my hair up with my usual curl creme; feels like it defeats the object.

Please don't recommend product-free plopping. I've tried it; hair goes all limp like a sad poodle.

Doje Sat 25-Jun-16 09:46:12

I use this

at the moment. I don't have hair quite as curly or frizzy as yours, but with this I don't have to use conditioner, so maybe it could work for you with a bit of conditioner.

Before that I used Deva Curl stuff. Similar, but more expensive.

I still use a curl cream too I'm afraid. My hair is thin, so is too flyaway without something to hold it down a bit.

Doje Sat 25-Jun-16 09:47:04

I use the Trevor Sorbie Curl Cream a the way - Firm Hold one.

ggirl Sat 25-Jun-16 09:50:51

Tresemmé naturals are silicone free
think the conditioner is sulphate free but not the shampoo unfortunately

JedRambosteen Sat 25-Jun-16 09:52:14

I bought a few weeks ago in Boots and the matching conditioner:

I am getting on well with it - scalp less itchy, hair nice and soft. It isn't the best one for my hair type, but it was the one I most liked the smell of in the range. There are about 5 different options. It's not cheap, but it is lasting for ages.

ggirl Sat 25-Jun-16 09:53:01

good article here with e.g. of some products

TheDisreputableDog Sat 25-Jun-16 09:53:11

I second Doje, love that co-wash, very occasionally use a 'proper' shampoo and at the moment have an Avalon Organics one.

The Palmer's co-wash has definitely improved my curl definition.

auldspinster Sat 25-Jun-16 17:59:01

I like the loreal ever pure sulphate free shampoo and Avalon Organics lemon clarifying shampoo about once a fortnight.

auldspinster Sat 25-Jun-16 18:00:56

Oh and a small dab of coconut oil and Umberto Gianni curl gel for separation.

lasttimeround Sun 26-Jun-16 07:32:35

Cantu hair products generally sulphate and silicone free. I buy them in an afro shop but also available on anazon. The curling creme is really good people always comment on how good it smells - although I prefer unscented products

HappyHeart87 Sun 26-Jun-16 16:35:28

Thanks all for your really helpful suggestions. I think I'm sold on the Palmers Co-wash. Has anybody used their Curl Extend Pudding?

Are the Cantu products suitable for non-Afro hair? All the reviews I can find are people with Afro hair...

ItsAllGoodMan Sun 26-Jun-16 17:08:43

The shea moisture products mentioned above are lovely. I've got similar sounding hair to you I think, though perhaps a bit more curly. I tried the cantu co wash and deep conditioner as I was swayed by the price but I didn't like them at all. Hated the smell and they left a greasy film on my hair.
I bought a new Jessicurl gel last week and just tried it for the first time today. It seems great so far - soft, bouncy curls and it's really keeping the frizz away even in this weather

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