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Why is it so hard to find the style swimming costume i want!!!!

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IntelligentPutty Thu 23-Jun-16 21:47:26

I have in my mind the idea of a swimming costume.. i just can;t find anywhere..
Everything is halterneck (which i find incredibly uncomfortable.) or has itty bitty straps, or is sports and just flattens everything.
I want someething for swimming with DD, not too boring, and definitely not too beach / sunbathing . flashy.
I am a size 12 with DD boobs and so the halterneck just drags on my neck...
Looking for thick straps, not too old fashioned, and just seems impossible!!!! any hints ./ seen anything i might like. maybe i'm just not looking in the right places..

DianaT1969 Thu 23-Jun-16 22:12:30

Have you tried Simply Swim?

daftbesom Thu 23-Jun-16 22:17:17

Lands End - I know the first couple are halterneck but take the time to have a good look, there are loads of "sensible" styles including DD cup swimwear.

CMOTDibbler Thu 23-Jun-16 22:19:08

Lands End?

IntelligentPutty Thu 23-Jun-16 22:42:09

Tried Lands End and found this costume which fit really well.. only trouble was that the colour was so very very different to the image on the website.. It was more green / dark blue and red than the pink / truquoise..

Was a lovely fit too..

SimplySwim looks good actually.. I'm just browsing now..

sleepwhenidie Thu 23-Jun-16 22:46:40

If you are prepared to invest (!) I have last year's design of this. Pricey but fantastic quality and looks and feels great. Wearing well.

BlueUggs Thu 23-Jun-16 22:47:30

Have a look at Swimwear 365. I found one I liked on there and I'm a nightmare with swimming costumes!
I bought this

BlueUggs Thu 23-Jun-16 22:49:24

try again!

BlueUggs Thu 23-Jun-16 22:52:16

Sorry, the link won't work. Here's a picture.

marmaladegranny Thu 23-Jun-16 22:54:47

BlueUggs - I top you - I two bought from Swimwear 365! I was despairing and about to go away when DD suggested I try them and I struck gold. Quite a good fit, though I found them a bit short and I'm only 5' 4" - went up a size & all was well. Nice wide straps and supportive

BlueUggs Thu 23-Jun-16 22:56:51

They have the biggest choice I've seen, with different cup sizes.

Mrs9C Thu 23-Jun-16 23:21:46

I absolutely love Rey Swimwear. Unfortunately they're American, and though they'll send here there is a strong likelihood of being hit by customs sad. They had said a couple of years back that they were going to get a UK supplier, but haven't found one.

Geegee4 Thu 23-Jun-16 23:34:16

I've just bought two Boden wrap top swimming costumes as I too hate halter necks. They have good support and are well made.

calzone Thu 23-Jun-16 23:44:00

Such a mine field trying to buy swimwear!!!!
No costume should be a size 12/14/16

Everything should be cup sized.

Women's bodies are so different. I'm a size 12 with 34 GG boobs but someone could be a 12 with 34 AAboobs.


citykat Fri 24-Jun-16 00:22:48 is good, free returns. I hate halter necks too

IntelligentPutty Fri 24-Jun-16 06:57:04

oohh thanks everyone. 365 looks pretty good.. maybe i'll go with a tankini to give me some more options..

fruitpastille Fri 24-Jun-16 09:46:42

I get mine in bravissimo.

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