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Bra intervention - yikes, boobs have appeared but with mysterious back fat

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motherofallhens Wed 22-Jun-16 21:53:52

Hello everyone,

This is a bit embarrassing but here we go! Having studied lots of MN threads on bra interventions, I thought I'd give it a go. I usually buy 36AA & the only style that doesn't gape or make me look like a man is M&S plunge t-shirt bras, which I've been buying for years. I am size 12, incredibly flat chested with wide shoulders & a ribcage built for vigorous aerobic exercise.

I measured myself to be 32 under bust, 35 at my widest point, which I think makes me a 32C. So armed with this magical knowledge, I went to M&S & tried on lots of bras in measurements around that i.e. 32/34 B & C. In the end, I settled on a 32C in my usual plunge style & have been wearing it around the house to see how I feel.

The good news is I have cleavage, which is an exciting first for me. The bad news is also have back fat, which I've never had (or at least I've never noticed) before. I tried "scooping" everything into my bra as the instructions say. But this seems tricky when you basically have no boobs. I have been pushing & pulling at these newly erupting folds bursting out all over my upper torso but they just slide straight out & sit over the top of my bra at the back.

So, wise lingerie ladies, what am I doing wrong? Is it something to do with my very wide back mebbe? I did try some 34s but this just made the cups really baggy. I would love this to work as there is so little choice in 36AA at the best of times, let alone when there appears to be only one model that remotely fits me. Any thoughts gratefully received as I'm left feeling a bit frustrated that just as I finally get some shape at the front, I seem to have acquired yet more at the back!

MoH. xxx

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